Beefcake For Rent


I adore rentboy websites. This young piece advertises himself on where is headline is “DAVID VERY MASCULINE AND DISCREET” Somehow, he doesn’t seem to embody discretion, but I guess there’s no telling. For further study, please visit here

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  1. Ah..hem…Sweetie, is that a “tiger’s paw” down the center of this rent boy’s abdomen? I guess I either need stronger lenses, or I am seeing something else entirely. Bye the bye, Darlin’, I just wanted you to know how much I love reading your blog. You always know how to put it just right! 😉Besides, knowing you makes it all the more special!Hugs from the Hinterland…Den Den


  2. sweetieI can’t speak to the topic of his abdomen, since, tragically, I have no personal knowledge of it. I only wish I did.hello to the hinterlands and to the hinterlands’ hubby. See you in PSland.


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