B’day Blog


Bow down before me, bitches; today is my birthday. To celebrate, R Man showered me with gifts up to and including gaily striped socks and a pressure cooker. I really am thrilled. I took a birthday nap this afternoon and now we’re headed out for dinner at Foreign Cinema, a joint that exudes glamour and high times like Gloria Swanson in heat.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!Neely O’ Hara and April Ames send their love.We’re all taking naps her together in your honor, (though Neely is hogging the covers,and April smells like an ashtray)


  2. Happy Birthday MR. Peenee!Sorry I’m late, but that’s the story of my life… Anyway, May all your wishes come true, including more champagne and more houseboys!


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