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  1. Sean is so brave, & he is such an important & inspirational role model for all those closeted high school character actors!

    Unbelievable… my verification word is-CLOSETIAM


  2. Ah is the Actor to blame for this COVER story on The Advocate or is the Advocate to be held responsible?

    Really, it is the ADVOCATE ..American and desperate for anyone FAMOUS to say they are GAY or LOVE GAYS or LESBIAN or BI….the Advocate is a cheap rag these days lured by muscles and celebrity. Has nothing or little to do with the Lesbian community, and has nothing at all to do with ADVOCACY…

    toss it.


  3. I read the interview myself and the underscore to everything he says is antagonism and intolerance. I kept wondering, with all the success granted to him with Will and Grace, why the big chip on his shoulder. I didn't have any sentiments about him prior to the interview, but afterward, I wouldn't give another word he says any weight of significance.


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