When Bloggers Collide


Jason, the charming author of
Night is Half Gone blew into town this weekend and I bludgeoned him into having lunch with me and allowing me to show him the sights. He is totally cute, and sweet, and affable, and, again, charming as all get out. I say that based on the fact he was willing to laugh at my jokes and to put up with my tour guiding, which largely consists of aimlessly wandering around, announcing stuff like “A really cool restaurant used to be there until they tore it down and built that Walgreen’s.”

He was very impressed with the handmade Pop Tarts at Foreign Cinema.

He was also thrilled with the hills here, a good thing since there are so many of them. Coming from the swamps myself, I understand what a thrill geography that goes up and then comes back down is, so I pointed the car at the biggest damn up-and-downs there are around here and took off. Whee.

We took in the tail end of the Castro Street Fair, an enormous celebration for the neighborhood as well as homosexuality. We were walking up the street past the Castro Theatre and a blind guy, complete with white cane, hit on me. There we were, surrounded by the gay world of San Francisco and the only action I can score is some guy who can’t see me. Life is so cruel.

I had a wonderful time just noodling around with the old darling. I understand he and his friends are off in the wilds of wine country, I hope they enjoy themselves.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Jason’s adorable.

    There we were, surrounded by the gay world of San Francisco and the only action I can score is some guy who can't see me.



  2. oh my goodness, Peenee! I can't thank you enough!!!!
    I had *so* much fun (though looking at these photos, no more poptarts for me for a looong while)
    As if there's any doubt, MrP is the consumate host! He really did spoil me while I was there.

    I've been back in NOLA for exactly 55 minutes and I can't wait to get back to SFCA (so here I am in Peenee-land)


  3. Is it me or is this the FIRST time any of us have seen a pic of Jason? I mean, how cute, right? Jesus! Cute as a basket of Easter kittens. It's kinda nice to put a face to the blogger jerk-off fantasy.

    That Pop-Tart looks awesome. Thanks for the recap and Jason-goodness…


  4. I had some of the best times ever at The Eagle Tavern, in San Francisco. Men I've never met before pawing at my love oven, I slapped their hands away and told them “it's nipples first, I'm not a slag!” but after a few gins down my neck I gave in like I always do.


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