Clip Job


I smell good. In fact, I smell fabulous. I needed to cut my fingernails this afternoon, but instead of standing over the toilet with a pair of clippers and a blank look on m face, I decided to go get a manicure.
I had seen a nail salon in the Castro named Hand Job; where else could I go?

Let me point out now how very disappointed I have been in my female friends, none of whom will go with me to get a manicure. What’s with that? They all claim to be squeamish about people touching their nails. I adore it. In fact once I got into the shop, I decided to spring for a pedicure and then for a foot massage. It’s all about taking care of yourself. My manicurist told me so, along with about an hour’s worth of excessive personal information. Aside from that, it was heaven, especially the tuberose/citrus moisturizer the slathered on.
I smell fabulous.

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  1. I'm dripping with jealousy. I think I know what my Sunday project will be.

    What kind of “girlfriend” doesn't do mani/pedi day with their best gay? something's wrong there.


  2. Miss J just bets Mr. P smells fabulous. And she has to add that if she lived in San Gaycisco she would NEVER go anywhere else BUT HAND JOB for her mani/pedis. Nor would she allow Mr. Peenee to venture out alone for such treats. Ever!


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