When Bloggers Collide


Because I’m a lazy slob, I haven’t gotten around to reporting in about my fabulous, fabulous trip to Los Angeles. It’s possible I will do so soon. No promises.

In the meantime, here’s a teasy little shot, representing yet another triumph in mrpeenee’s attempt to capture all living bloggers in a bar. In this case, the equally charming and sassy Donna Lethal and Felix in Hollywood. We were in a bar, we were loud, details to follow, although I will say they’re both way cool and Felix’s tour of Hollywood was genius.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. What Fun!
    You just get around, don't ya peenee?

    David Dust has been living in my neighborhood for over a year & we still haven't had a meet up…
    Must be a “New York minute”, thing…
    I'll bet Donna remembers!


  2. Thombeau wanted me to explain the “look of disgust” on my face!
    It's only because I'm not fully prepared for a photo session. I do not DO spontaneity.
    Wally, of course I do!

    Oh my heavens, my word verification is THOMISM!


  3. Hell's gDamned bells, Mr. P!!!! Miss Janey completely missed notification that you were going to be in LA until this morning!!! Her bad, her loss! Lesson learned about neglecting her blog. She should be in this picture, too.

    So sorry to have missed you.


  4. I'm crushed that the pictures on my phone came out pretty much unviewable. The back lighting from the front windows was so hot that it looked as though the spectres of Harry Cohn and Jack Warner were hovering in our faces. Come to think of it…..

    Anyhow darling, I was the absolute treat of the year for me to meet you and Tim, and to be able to do my little show for you. Miss Janey, I wish you'd have been there too!


  5. The only thing more dazzling than you three is the stunning array of booze bottles in the background.

    I'm afraid it would have distracted me, had I been there.


  6. Capture all living bloggers in a bar? SO, if I finally get my (virtual) blog up and running, we could have drinks? Let me know next time you will be in beautiful Danville, CA. Over-priced, suburban banality? Drinks based on sugar syrup? Cheesecake Factory or the ever sterile Blackhawk plaza?


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