Crexcent City Craziness

Our dear friends Kevin and Steve arrive today for a visit from New Orleans. The nominal reason is a wedding of Steve’s nephew, I think they really are just trying to escape the miserable heat I hear is suffocating the South. Right on I say, I just don’t understand why they waited so long.
We’ve been friends for quite a while, I believe we met shortly after time was invented. Steve is a landscape architect, Kevin makes Sak’s pretty. Drugs and drag have been involved, yes, it’s true.

Cow Queen, getting all belovelified for some long gone Southern Decadence bacchanal.
It’s possible I am the only friend they have who does not pronounce his name “Kebbin.” That’s because I am a Lady, I do Lady things. Certainly, I am the only one who calls Steve “Cow Queen.” The cause of the nickname is lost to the mists of time. I simply appreciate that he puts up with it, the old darling.
They’ve visited out here often enough over the years, that I have no plans for things to entertain them. I suppose we will just hang out, savoring the fog and cool temps. Could anything be sweeter?

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  1. After 13yrs. in San Francisco I moved back to Texas. Along with many other things I miss that lovely cool climate the most.
    PS No, I didn't lose my mind just never comfortable after the earthquake; now it's just tornados and hail storms.


  2. Oh, come on. You live in San Francisco. Surely there must be some bingo parlor, yard sale, Moose lodge, or Hooters restaurant to which you can take the old dears.


  3. There's nothing sweeter than 'forever' friends that recall past times; it somehow sorta validates that past I think. Like, I have only one good friend who remembers when I had a full head of gypsy shag hair and a 29″ waistline…Hope their visit was big fun!


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