I, I Who Have Dementia

I was at a very gay shop in the Castro buying birthday presents (we have a cloud of friends who were all born right around the middle of January so I snag presents by the bunch this time of year) and the soundtrack was playing a dynamite version of Shirley Bassey singing I, Who Have Nothing.

Our dear friend Kebbin has long claimed this as his signature song should he ever be forced into doing drag in public, which I think is a brilliant choice. I was thinking about that and smiling to myself when the shopboy, who I assume was in his 20s, but looked like he should have been in junior high, asked if I liked Dame Bassey. Of course, I said yes, and then asked if he knew the Tom Jones cover of this. “Tom Jones?” he responded blankly. I was going to explain, but I figured I didn’t have time.

For those of you who remember a galaxy long ago and far away.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Y'know, I've always preferred Tom's version of “Kiss” more than the original by Prince.

    And I empathize over the age-gap thing: Over the holidays, I learned my youngest nephew (age 10) has no idea who Rocky & Bullwinkle are, and that an 18-year-old niece had no idea who Col. Potter was.

    Even worse, I learned a 40-something brother-in-law didn't know what a Klingon is! I was outraged!!!! (He got a half-hour rant on the lasting impact of “Star Trek” on today's technology, culture, and society. Before you mock, look at a Bluetooth earpiece, and compare it to Uhura's. Discuss.)


  2. Thombeau, you evil b****!

    Speaking of Star Trek, check out the hairdos on the female dancers!

    And I want the drugs the male dancers were on. Especially if they'd make me look good in skin-tight pants. . .;-)!


  3. Party bois and tweakers are like kittens. They like disco balls and anything else that sparkles.

    They only love the things that they deem FABULOUS! Or worse yet the things that they discover as if they are the first person on earth to lay their eyes upon something that all of us have known about for years.

    Trust me, shop boy will hear about Tom Jones a couple times, or ask his mama and one day he'll swoop up to his friends and announce that HE just DISCOVERED Tom Jones. No one else has, only HE, and now that he has, Tom Jones is FABULOUS.

    Mark my words…


  4. actually dame shirley and tom have a lot in common…both welsh…
    and not only did they both have hits with I (who have nothing) but also “with these hands”….must be something in the water in pontypridd


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