Hot Time, Summer in the City


That big Wall o’ Yellow at the top of our yard? That would be a big ass spread of acacia, I have no idea how many because the thicket of blackberry vines at its feet discourages closer inspection. Many local gardeners despise acaica, possibly because it’s just too easy, like a drunk go-go boy, or possibly because the trees are prone to falling over in high winds, also, much like a drunk go-go boy.

Whatever. I like them. The cheery, abundant sulfur yellow flowers in winter, their casual tolerance of extreme drought, the fact that I didn’t plant any of these behind my garden and now they fill the landscape. I was especially struck by them this afternoon because today was such a warm afternoon, much more like July than Easter, that I spent most it blundering around the yard considering gardening projects crying out for immediate attention which I am still ignoring.
I was plenty glad to have a nice day since just yesterday I thought I was getting sick. And then today, voila, healthy and lazy, yay. Still, while I was trembling on the brink of the ague, or manflu, or menopause or whatever, I realized the one good thing about ailing is staying home from work and now that I’m retired, I wouldn’t even be able to pull that anymore. That may be the only downside to being retired.
The upside? Getting paid for not working and lotsa time for porn. Porn, porn, porn.




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  1. I do believe that that is a Jerusalem Thorn Tree (an acacia), but from this day forth I shall always refer to it as a Jerusalem Porn Tree, in your honor….

    I actually had a potted one that i grew from seed during all my teen years living in Cleveland, Ohio.



  2. Do you ever get blackberries off those vines? I'm having visions of enjoying fresh, hot blackberry cobbler and golden margaritas while watching the drunk go-go boys fall over. . .


  3. Porn trees are an idea I can live with.

    The berries I can live without. They're Himalayan blackberries, which sounds very cool and exotic, but the berries have too many seeds and not very much flavor, so I've given up on them.


  4. Cookie, I think that's nipple rouge, and I think it's smearing.

    Mr. P., a damned shame about those vines. Unless they're home to North America's only known population of Yeti, get one of the houseboys to pull them out or roto-till them into oblivion to make way for something a) more attractive and that b) produces gorgeous, fragrant flowers and/or c) tasty, edible fruit!


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