Gay Pride 2012

So very much what I was not looking for.

Secret Agent Fred and I celebrated Gay Pride in San Francisco by ignoring the whole thing, waiting until all the boa-clad revelers were down at the giant, messy celebration by City Hall, and then sneaking down into the Castro to have a very late lunch at nice newish joint called Jake’s.  It was very tasty and since we ordered off the brunch menu and I was wearing a pink tee shirt, I figured that counted as my personal Gay Pride.

Then we went over to the Fashion Sensation’s house and listened to 80’s dance tunes and told stories and washed chocolate and cheese down with champagne.  Wonderful.  That’s my idea of The Gay Life.

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  1. Now that's the sort of brunch action I'm looking forward to! Congrats on avoiding the worst of the madness . . . and when I saw the title of this post I *knew* Fred would be involved!


  2. I think it was Peter Parker's Aunt May, and the quote was:

    “With great pride comes great responsibility.”

    Or maybe it was “Forget your great pride, get those cobwebs out of the corners while you're on the ceiling!”


  3. Here in Chicago, I spent the day trying to avoid the whole affair—hanging out with the fabulous LaDivaCucina!—then got caught up in the crazy clusterfuck of 850,000 people fleeing the scene. Ugh!


  4. For the record, I start planning for Pride in London the previous autumn, and it remains the pivotal day of the social calendar! You grumpy lot… 🙂 Jx


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