Who knew?

In other queer happenings (or mo mo news, as it were,) Secret Agent Fred, the Fashion Sensation and I are all going to see Magic Mike, a biopic ripped from the headlines about the lives and loves, the laffs and heartaches of stripperboys, starring Joe Manganiello’s titties.

Amazingly, Fred had heard nothing of this epic until Sunday at brunch, but once we had filled him in on the details (i.e. Joe Manganiello’s titties,) he was enthusiastically on board.  I’ll report back as soon as I can get my lap back under the keyboard.

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  1. Secret Agent Fred's lack of stripper movie knowledge is troubling. Is all that international daring-do giving him some jet lag. Perhaps a cocktail or two to revive him. And have some yourself, just to be polite.


  2. All in favor of Jason's proposal, vote “aye”. (That's my vote, and I'm sticking to it.)

    In turn, I propose that Mr. Cooper wake us up when he announces he's marrying Joe Manganiello or some other suitably studly famous hunk.


  3. Not always about cock. There is our fascination with men who has an asstasstic bubble butt. But when we say “Joe Manganiello's Titties”, we do NOT mean those breasticles, man boobs or saggy baggy droopy pointy titties like George Bush Senior has; we mean well defined male chest, with nipplidge, is always hot. Channing Tatum, who'se body is nothing to sneeze at, could have Joe Manganiello's Titties if his nipples were larger. (BTW, I fuck cum whenever I see a hunky daddy with pencil eraser nipples. File that under Cookie's fetishes.)


  4. Honey, when I realized Alcide was one of the dancers (or should that be “dancers?), I *knew* you'd be there. And how is Fred so clueless?


  5. Happy Fourth Peenee!!! Anderson's life would just be complete, if he would just marry me already!!!! Im a proper hostess with some morals. Meanwhile, Magic Mike. I'll have to wait to On Demand. I don't think I could get through the whole thing and not let out my john.


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