The Old Dears

I happen to know the bodice on that titian haired temptress  is relying heavily on staples.

Sweeties, mrpeenee will be distracted over the next few days as I pay host to our dearest, oldest friend, Rich, aka Rikee, aka the Felonious Tart, aka Magda visiting from New Orleans.  We have been friends so long, I don’t even remember why I refer to him as Magda.   I believe it has something to do with tambourines, but then so many things do, don’t they?

One long ago Mardi Gras, he watched over me while I was so loaded I was unable to do anything except lie on the floor of my bathroom, tripping, tripping, tripping.  At least, he did until he went out for a drink, but he came back.  And isn’t that the mark of a true friend?

We always used to make jokes to each other about winding up being old ladies together and now, here we are. My, my, my.  Could be worse.  Could be dead.

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  1. Reminds me of of my oldest, nearest and dearest, who I refer to as “The Old Whore.”

    The difference being that I remember why he's an “old whore.”


  2. Have a most wonderful time!

    Last month I had some get-togethers with friends I've known for thirty years. It was great! There's a sense of complete acceptance and unconditional love with such old friends.


  3. San Francisco has survived a lot — those big earthquakes, for example — but can it survive the combination of Mr. Peenee, the Felonious Tart, and the Evil and Adorable Saki?

    I don't know, but I will be monitoring the news wires to find out.

    And wouldn't duct tape have been less painful to hold that bodice up?


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