Blogging: the Antique of the Internet


There was a time when I used to put a new post every day on mrpeenee, back in the days when I was working.  Or “working.”  Or let’s just call it back when I had a job, and the job allowed plenty enough free time to keep daily posting viable.   Now that I’m retired and all my time is my own, somehow it seems much more difficult to crank up the old mrpeeneegram and rattle off insights into thrift stores, or decorating, or skin care or any of the other labels I tag my posts with.  And what an odd, odd list that is, with “beefcake” the most frequent, but also including, apparently, one on “bodily functions.”  Even I am scared to see what that might be.

I’m not ignoring my poor little blog, I’m just lazy.  I’d feel worse about this, but my perusal of my favorite other bloggers shows me we’ve all slowed down somewhat, and some have just faded off into the distance.  Farewell Pansy Bastard, adieu Temporary Troublespots.  Let me be quick to add how glad I am to have some of the miscreants drop out and then return (looking at you, Thombeau and Cafe Muscato.)

I understand it’s the lure of Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr and other online wastes of time that have been such a cruel blow to blogging and I also get it that blogging is fast becoming a sort of quaint hobby, like train spotting, but again, I’m lazy, and don’t feel like moving on.  Maybe I’ll change the name of this to News from Dinosaurland.

The mrpeenee blogging crew in action.

Besides, I’m a gassy old queen and the 140 character limit is one I just couldn’t deal with.

Just adding to the mrpeenee Beefcake quota.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I've been a little tardy in posting regularly too… but hey I don't have any other excuse than being bone lazy!
    But it is nice to see another boost to your beefcake quota… I thank you.


  2. I think if anyone treats of blogging (or FB-ing, or tweeting, or even emailing – if you really want something that the young 'uns think of as antedeluvian) as anything other than an indulgence to suit oneself, they are confusing the issue. I don't mind how many or how few people read my incessant, often incoherent ramblings about camp divas, literary evenings or musical discoveries. I enjoy it, and that's what counts. As I said to Thom when he decided to take one of his periodical interregna, it's not for them, it's for you!

    And if you don't feel like it, then so be it! That said, I always enjoy reading your “insights into thrift stores, or decorating, or skin care”… Jx

    [PS And I miss such departed bloggers as TJB, too.]


  3. I second MJ's suggestion to Saki. . .especially as the Evil and Adorable one was left out of the photo of the Peenee Blogging Team! (And do I see some raccoon fur in that picture??? Perhaps trimmed with skin from some mosquito fish????)

    Mr. P, you are not yet a dinosaur. Let me tell you a not-quite-so-little story:

    My youngest sibling was on my case recently because I am not on Facebook. This supposedly made it more difficult for her to inform me of goings-on with her brood.

    My response was: “You half-assed, sh*t-for-brains, lazy heifer! You have my home phone number, which has an answering machine. You have my work number, which has voice mail. You have both my home and work e-mail addresses. You also have my snail mail address, and you don't look too crippled or decrepit to write a note and mail it. You have a far easier time contacting me than our grandparents had contacting their siblings! Don't blame me if you're too lazy to dial a phone or send an e-mail!!!”

    Her kids expected their mom to explode much in the same way Krakatoa did. Her in-laws waited to see if my sis and I were going to take things outside and fight, as an old cop show once said, “with chains and knives”.

    Her husband gave me the biggest grin, made me a scotch-and-soda (with the good blended scotch, instead of the cheap stuff), and said: “I've been trying to get that through her head since Facebook was invented! She's been yelling at me for not Twittering every 15 minutes when I'm traveling for work! Does she ever Twitter me??? NOOOOOOOOO!”

    Kid sister rapidly turned every shade of red ever identified. She tried to huff and puff, realized it was useless, went into her yard, kicked her sons' soccer ball as hard as she could, and did some primal screaming.

    Has she bothered to write, phone or e-mail since? Oh, Hell NOOOOOOO!


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