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mrpeenee is just the teensiest bit drunk.  We went out tonight with friends to see the one man show of Leslie Jordan, who is, as a side note, like mrpeenee also a 57 year old big sissy from the South, so a lot of his stories resonated, except for the ones about doing speed fueled drag as a teenager.   Still, it was pretty amusing.

The show required a two-drink-minimum, so I had a couple of Cosmos, because I am a Lady, and they were tasty, tasty, tasty, but STRONG.  So I’m a little drunk.

Back in the day, mrpeeenee was a Big Mess.  A Big Drunk Mess.  As loaded as I am at this moment was merely a brief stop on the Big Drunk Mess Line; it was the I Think I’ll Have Another Pitcher of Margaritas stop.  So very much not happy times.  Let me just say how very glad I am to no longer be on that sloppy train.  Plus typing is hard when ones fingers seem slightly unconnected.

Instead, muscle pussy:

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  1. Oh, lord. Been there, done that. A few years back I sat down and had a little chat with myself, the gist of which was that is was either time to go full-bore alkie or cut back. I went for the latter, since I do enjoy a cocktail and would one or two.

    Since then, I've had the added bonus of getting old, which has had the positive side-effect of making my irretrievably sleepy and even less fun than usual after more than two glasses of wine.

    So I'm not yet a teetotaler, but for all the good it does me might as well be…


  2. It's amazing how much less I can handle: two drinks? Two girldrink drinks? That's all it takes? What a light weight. On the other hand, I am plenty happy to be off the Boozehound Express.


  3. I suspected for quite some time now that I am an alcoholic, but my bartender disagrees.

    For some reason a crew of people around these parts met Del Shores in New Orleans and persuaded him to come to Pensacola. We're best friends now. Best friends in the sense that I met him. Leslie Jordan is also on my Christmas card list.

    I need another drink. The illusion is wearing off.


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