Secret Agent Fred convinced me to join Spotify, a music streaming site which all the hip kids have been into for years now.  It’s just one of the elements of modern society I try to avoid, like anything labeled social media.  I’d also like to point out here that I have now boycotted Facebook long enough that the NY Times assures us it is now considered passe.  Take that, bitches.

So, Spotify and I have been struggling with each other all evening, me trying to figure out how to force it to play music I actually like and it, having snuck into my iTunes library, has decided I like country music and cheesy 80s pop.  Fair enough, but why it should then produce an All Justin Timberlake, All the Time playlist for me seems baffling.  I think I might like Pandora as a source much better, it operates in a much more intuitive and straight forward manner, plus I like its playlists.  Spotify seems to be mostly concerned that you are listening to exactly the same tunes as all your bffs.  Since I have no bffs, that is a problem.

Between avoiding Timberlake and Journey (!) I am pretty much fed up.  Just now, though, we have suddenly broken through to Prince and Little Red Corvette.  Well all rite, crank that bitch up.  Just don’t follow this with Toto, that’s all I ask.

11:44 PM UPDATE:  This just in: Pat Benatar.  Heartbreaker.  Bitchin’.

11:46 PM UPDATED UPDATE:  Kenny Fucking Loggins.  Dear god.

11:55 PM DATEUP:  Human League.  “Don’t You Want Me”  I haven’t thought of that in a million years.

12:52 AM APDUTE: A-Ha.  Take On Me.  I surrender.  I’m going to bed.

1:01 AM THE LAST UPDATE, I SWEAR.  Psychedelic Furs! Love My Way!  I’m so glad I stuck it out.

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A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I am baffled by such esoteric things as “apps”. My phone and my music collection are in a parallel universe, universally stuck somewhere between 1973 and 1998 (with a smattering of 30s big band, showtunes and fin de siecle Music Hall thrown in)- I shudder to think how a mechanised database located somewhere in California would deal with a tracklist that includes Raffaella Carra, Marc Almond, Marie Lloyd, Carol Channing, Klaus Nomi and Artie Shaw… Jx


  2. I think I'll just start at the ear lobe and work my way down shall I?

    Someone once told me that you stop buying new music in your early thirties… I checked my CD collection… It's true…


  3. The last CD I bought was Kate Bush's Aerial in 2005 and it was pooh. Porn doesn't give me the fanny gallops like it used to either, must be a sign of getter old. I was in bed last night listening to the ipod, I had it on shuffle because I like surprises, Martika- Love Thy Will Be Done came on first followed by Edith Piaf- La Foule followed by Iron Maiden-Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter.


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