So this is mrpeenee’s sixth birthday.  I have no idea how these things happen.

I originally started this whole thing only because I wanted to comment more easily on Thombeau’s long gone and most lamented Fabulon and at the time, Blogger made it easier to sign in if you had your own blog.  I still miss Fabulon.

Anyway, after that things just sort of got out of hand.  I certainly never imagined I’d make friends here, connections that would be a great comfort during those dark times around  R Man’s death.  It helped a lot.

And now I have people I’ve never physically met who have opinions about my sex life and decorating and cat (appropriately, I’m typing this without my right thumb because of a big ol’ gash on it from Saki. I swear I am sending him back to Cat Jail.)  And commenters.  I love comments.

And muscle pussy. 

In six years, I have outlasted that pissy queen who used to just post comments so he (or she) could deride my grammar.  I would like to point out Diane von Austinburg is a professional editor and if she can suck up my fondness for gerunds and erratic punctuation, I think everybody else should too.

I have stuck it out through the creepy infatuation of my stalker who used to post coyly and too-affectionate notes and tried to pick comment fights with bloggers I actually admired like Mitzi and Mean Dirty Pirate.  Of all the nerve! I actually turned to MJ from Infomaniac about him (which should tell you how unnerved by him I was) and her advice to ignore him and he would eventually go away was quite right.

Lots of muscle pussy.

We have all lasted long enough for the return of Cafe Muscato, which is most appreciated.

Also, through the magic of bloglandia, I have been able to dragoon Ask the Cool Cookie into helping with Secret Agent Fred’s house in Baltimore and a big thank you to him for that.

Blogs.  They’re handier than you might think.

Lots and lots of Muscle Pussy

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  1. Sweetie, the pleasure is all mine. And for everything that you think we do for you, what you do for each of us is even more important. When you don't post, we worry about you. When you do post, it gives us a smile.

    Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.


  2. Oh… You're talking years…. When i saw the big Six i immediately thought it was about inches darling… Happiest of Happys… You do realise that you are almost as old as MJ…


  3. I would like to thank Mr. Peenee for giving me the idea for a new blog series on Infomaniac entitled, “Let's Talk Tampons.”

    We've yet to see the first in the series but you can surely anticipate it.


  4. Happy Birthday!

    I joined Blogger to comment on Lady Bunny's blog where I met Mitzi then I clicked a link and met Jason, and so on and so on…

    You haven't made it until you have your very own stalker.


  5. Happy blogiversary from an occasional lurker!

    I thought I'd better actually comment on this auspicious occasion. Oh, and yes, I know I'm a couple of days late, but I missed the announcement at MJ's – If she'd mentioned the muscle-pussy I'd've paid more attention!


  6. Well, trust me be to late to the party, and I hope somebody saved me a glass of bubbly, but happy, happy, happy, caro. I think of us as kind of a cyber-Algonquin and feel very lucky to have stumbled into it.


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