Schmatta. Goddam It, Schmatta.


I sort of love that they refer to these scraps of schmatta as “swimwear” when, obviously, they are go-go boy lingerie.

“Brevity is the soul of lingerie.” ― Dorothy Parker.

“Musclepussy is the raison of go-go boys.” – mrpeenee.

And how do you turn off this fucking auto-correct, which has been fighting me over “schmatta” like it’s a matter of honor.

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  1. “From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.” – Bertolt Brecht


    PS Spell-check comes with your browser. Just right-click and you can un-tick it to turn it off.


  2. Maybe it wouldn't autocorrect if you used only one “t”. I've always seen it spelled “schmata”. But then I'm from near Chicago, location central for one of the country's most infamous simplified spelling campaigns, so what do I know?


  3. I'd rather die than correct Mr. Peenee, but I'm going to risk it. It's because the correct Yiddish spelling is 'schmatte'.
    Cindy Adams of the New York Post used to say, witheringly, 'She calls that a dress? It's a schmatte!'.


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