Oops, I forgot to mention after all the drama about trying to buy that house in New Orleans that it didn’t work out.  Oops.  The rapacious sellers simply wanted too much money for a house equipped with an antique electrical system and plumbing that was essentially a bog.

I looked it up just now and it’s back on the market with an increased price tag.  Wow,  just wow.  When I was considering it, the price they were asking was a chunk over comparable places in the neighborhood, so how they’re justifying this is beyond me.  They do mention in the description it has “updated” plumbing, which I assume means they’ve patched up the sewer.

I’m still looking for a place there, but there’s nothing on the market and probably won’t be until after New Year’s.

Maybe I’ll just invest in muscular Australian youths.

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  1. ahem
    I feared as much.
    I'm bummed.
    I drove by there just this week, to see what it looked like.

    Meanwhile, I'll drive around looking for anything that looks like you might like to buy….oh, and houses too.


  2. There is a fabulous house in Baltimore coming on the market, and we have people who are expressing interest. New floors were installed yesterday, and they'll be ready to walk on by January 1st. But you wouldn't like it here, the summers are steamy, and the winters mild, but cold.


  3. I'm glad you're able to distract yourself in your time of need . . . not that you usually have a problem with that. And those sellers are insane and in for a looooong wait for a buyer. Also, yay Cookie!


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