Perhaps you heard?  Sunday, April 20 was both Easter (as I like to point out, a Jewish fairy tale about zombies celebrated with symbolically ritualized cannibalism.  Fabulous) and also the highly unofficial holiday of 420, which for reasons no one knows celebrates marijuana.

I don’t really care one way or the other about either of them, in fact, I had forgotten this was Easter until Friday when I was trying to make reservations for brunch.  My biggest complaint on Sunday was that the confluence of both meant that every idiot in town whose driving was impaired either by religious fervor or dope, or both, was in my way.  There is an intersection where three streets cross and some buffoon attempting a left turn had some crisis of confidence and just gave up, sitting in the middle, blocking the rest of us.  Maybe it was an art piece, there’s lots of those around here.

On the brighter side, the brunch was just charming and included an ice cream cone for dessert and I found a great couch for the New Orleans house.

Also blooming right now is my beautiful, beautiful cereus, so yay for spring and all that.

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  1. Easter (Eostur-monath, the feast of the proto-Indo-European Ēostre, goddess of the dawn) is only good for two things – four consecutive days off work, and chocolate.

    That cactus (Cereus? or Epiphyllum?), however, is gorgeous. I had one once – it grew to a span of four feet in a hanging basket yet never ever flowered, before I had to re-house it with a friend… The joys of the British climate.



  2. It's beautiful, very square and solid without being massive, but still long enough for me to lie down on. Charcoal grey in a lovely plush fabric that's a cross between velvet and flannel.


  3. I think cereus and epiphylum are closely related. This cereus in New Orleans is famous for its heavenly aroma, but here it has no scent, I think because it's too chilly.


  4. Cereus this and Cereus that.

    I for one enjoyed 420 on 4.20 at 4:20.

    Once legalized, I plan to move back to Mississippi and have a marijuana plantation with a antebellum mansion, a swing on the front lawn, the Mississippi river in the background and slaves singing spirituals as the sun goes down.

    Then I'll be boasting pictures of my beautiful buds.


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