Let’s celebrate, bitches.The weather here is balmy with partly clothed boys popping up everywhere.  Saki the cat got out, but came back and his new vet’s stunning good looks are absurdly like what a soap opera veterinarian would be cast with.   Jason  is still puny, but didn’t die.  Yet.  So Celebration.

Not last, Secret Agent Fred’s house in Baltimore sold finally and the check is, as they say, in the mail.  This whole ordeal has been bruising and the only reason we got through it was  Ask the Cool Cookie who has dealt with months of madness, mayhem, mould and contractors.  He is, as his people would say, a mensch.

The very last day as the deal was stumbling through the byzantine process of unloading a house, a mystery line of credit popped up and we had to scramble to deal with it cause unless it was closed, no deal.

Fred had taken to his bed at his apartment, like some frail in a mediocre Tennesse Wiliams’ play and was not answering his phone.  I wound up begging a friend of ours, Rascal, who has a key to Tim’s building and lives nearby, to go over a roust the little miscreant and urge him to call the realtor ASAP. It’s possible I also might have dropped a hint that kicking Fred could be a swell idea, but I don’t know how all that went over.

I do know the incredibly patient realtor emailed this afternoon to confirm the check is on its way.

Also, chez peenee’s back yard is winding up for what looks like a stunning late spring.

So celebrate.  Now is the time, this is place.

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  1. How does your garden grow, Mary?

    Want it be fun to tend to two different gardens in two different grow zones? I can't wait to see the bounty from New Orleans. I must say that I've always been envious of the SF one and all the strange plants that would never survive here in the tropics.

    Hooray for Fred, Cookie and all involved in the sale!


  2. I'm planning a totally Old Lady New Orleans garden: ginger, sweet olive, giant timber bamboo, camellias, early azaleas, and lots and lots of elephant ears.


  3. It was my pleasure to help. And better yet, there was an offer on the table within hours of the relator tour, so it never really hit the open market. Best yet, its over, YAY! And our new favorite color is Sherwin Williams “agreeable gray”, which was universally beloved by all who saw it.

    But I am thankful that Saki is home, and unharmed.


  4. Sweetie, it would never, ever have happened without you. You are nothing short of a godsend. I hear the basement flooded last weekend. I very unworthy part of me snickers Heeheeheehee and praises the goddesses for seeing fit not to include this on our tales of woe before we got rid of the dog


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