mrpeenee, Vampire Koala


ohmygosh, you guys, it turns out I have morphed into a koala bear.  Koalas sleep more than 20 hours a day, just like me, and are adorable.  Ditto.

Random koala or mrpeenee?  You decide.

Tragically, most certainly not mrpeenee.

The only difference is that the bears get lots of fresh air, what with being relegated to the outdoors, and exercise from falling out of eucalyptus trees and I, on the other hand, refuse to leave the house.  I’m sort of a shut-in koala, existing on cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk.  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.  Mostly because I just finished off the last of the cinnamon rolls.

Also, I’m not sure how most koalas feel about mormon boy porn, but I am still all for it.

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  1. We need to reinstate seating in the garden; that way you could at least get some fresh air without leaving the property. And I'd threaten to come out and cook, but I'm afraid you'd get mad when I tried to wake you for dinner.


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