Nuns in the News


And yet another clip.  I seem to be turning into a lesser Redundant Variety Hour.  This one comes to us from the our dear Sister Mary Legs in the Air, who’s running the reno in New Orleans for me.   Sister got his name initially because of his fondness for all things religious, but specifically Catholic.  Sort of a passion for the Passion.  Natch, his contribution turns out to be a rocktastic nun.  Irene Cara, Bride of Christ.

Bitch nails those power notes.  Dancing in Oxfords.  Religious ecstasy in the audience.  Safety Gay monks stripping down to pastel clam diggers.  Everything you want except for dumping a bucket of water over her.  She’s a maniac.  Do you think this is a standard for Italian drag queens now?

Sister is much in the mrpeenee news this week because Secret Agent Fred and I  leave Thursday morning for New Orleans to check in on what shenanigans the crew has gotten up to lately while putting my house there back together.  With any luck I will return with photos of the lovely electrician, Marty.  Or maybe his name is Marti.  Could be.

Sell it, sister.

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  1. “Dancing in Oxfords. Religious ecstasy in the audience. Safety Gay monks stripping down to pastel clam diggers.”

    This right here, would get me back to mass!
    Pope, take note.


  2. Speaking of ecstasy, nuns, Italian drag queens and the like – where is dear Thombeau of late? His last “moment” on the Redundant Variety Hour was three weeks ago! Jx


    “Being's believing
    I can have it all
    Now I'm dancing for my life”



  3. I always thought nuns led a life of silent devotion and suffering. She's hardly seems to be suffering at all, kicking and flinging, showing her ankles on television like an oversexed harlot.


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