Out with Friends


Secret Agent Fred and I went out for drinks and, eventually, pizza with longtime mrpeenee commenter Salty Miss Jill the other night.  She had blown in from the big city and I was delighted to meet her: she is both salty and sweet and I like meeting the people who bestir themselves to comment here.  It makes their sassy insolence seem more heartfelt.  Plus did I mention she was charming?  We wound up in the bar for a couple of hours talking blogger talk.  SMJ has allowed her blog to fall fallow and I was encouraging her to hit the keyboard once again.  I think there are just never enough amusing bloggers out there.  How else am I supposed to waste my time?

Also, she revealed that she had a waitressing past with teeny-tiny pornster Samuel Colt, which I think alone requires extensive blog coverage.

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  1. All the charm spoken of was merely a reflection of Mr. Peenee and Secret Agent Fred! What a pity we don't live in the same place…oh, the trouble we'd get into! As for the resurrection of my blog…thank you for the kind encouragement. I'll wait til the next time I'm drunk.


  2. Oh, as far as I can tell, they're all short. I've never really recovered from discovering that I was a good two inches taller (if only taller and in no other way, alas) than Jack Wrangler.


  3. I look forward to drinks and dinner with you and Fred in but a few weeks. I'll see if I can round up a porn star, but don't hold your breath. SMJ seems to have the advantage on this one.


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  5. An addendum…we wished you all were there with us, each and every one of you…except for Anonymous. Also…I'm not certain where Peenee got the notion that I waitressed with Mr. Colt (it was all them cocktails, I'm sure), but a girl can dream. (To clarify, Lil' Sammy was spotted a number of times in Chelsea by a friend of mine at various bodegas.) Also…still waiting for that Secret Agent Fred to add me to his list on Facebook. (I go by Jay Dombrowski).
    Been missing you since I met you, Peenee! Again, soon! And you're all invited!


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