Everything is Relative


I had just clicked on a blog I’m rather fond of (brutos eros) and run across this charming tableau

when the guy who does my taxes (Taxguy) called to chat about how painful my relations with the IRS were going to be this year.  The whole thing made me wonder about karma and the coincidence of the universe and the similarity between insufficient deductibles and buttplugs.

Also, I think the red bucket lends an ominously festive note, don’t you?

Also, here’s my crixmus card for all you mischievous miscreants

Thank you wondermark comics

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  1. You know, if you were to have a sudden anal spasm, jerking motion, you could knock the black vinyl playsuit taxguy off kilter and on top of the orange safety cone behind him. It would be fitting.


  2. Is the red bucket there to catch the drips? It would be more appropriate if they had a tray there instead like a George Foreman grill, then the drippings could be collected and used for Take The Plunge 2.


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