In Which mrpeenee Dumps Blogger


As with many of our dear blogging brothers and sisters, Blogger, the Google site I’ve always used to publish my deathless prose, sent me a charming little email that essentially said they had determined I was a filthy smut peddler and that I could delete all the dirty pictures they assumed my blog contained by March 23 or they would delete my blog for me.

I am not good about ultimatums; my automatic reflex is to say “Fuck you.”  Because there exists competition for Blogger (a name which is curiously close to “Booger,” don’t you think?) I was able to do just that, hence our new little home here in the rather sterile confines of WordPress.

The transition almost got the best of me since I foolishly looked up several articles on how to move from one to the other, all of which were astonishingly complicated.  In the midst of trying to follow one, rife with typos and which called out for a good editor, I accidentally stumbled on the embedded function of “export” in Blogger and “import” here. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope I don’t lose any of my old baby.  Aside from sharing the fascinating details of my day-to-day, it’s functioned as a diary of sorts and I would hate to miss out on all the sweet things you guys said about my wedding and the very important support I got when R Man was dying.

I realize I will lose all my Blogger Followers, but let’s get real; since my actual readership consists pretty much of the same 12 miscreants (and I love each and every one of you, truly,) I’m not sure what a big deal that might be.

And what is with Blogger anyway?  I already had that stupid “mature content” warning at the front of the blog, what more did they need?  “LOOK OUT!  DICK PIX AHEAD!!!”  In their ridiculous message to me they explained “We’ll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public” thus wading smack into the swamp of what is and what is not smut, a bog in which much finer minds than they appear to possess have perished.

Anyway, here we are.  It’s visually sort of bland, but I’m a gay man – redecorating is in my DNA.  Again, we’ll see. To celebrate, and to see if I can figure out how to include photos, here’s my new favorite imaginary boyfriend, Jaxton Wheeler, in a still life swiped directly from the fabulous Jason’s Tumblr Goldenfleecing. (ed. note.  I cannot figure out how to link out to Jason’s site.  Go find it.)


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  1. I got that same little email too, and my reaction is the same as yours, I will likely spend a portion of today setting up a wordpress account myself. (I was due for a little change anyway)…


  2. Some “little” change, my dear! I always found this site a bit clunky, but, if enough fellow deviants eventually deviate here, who knows? Now, all I need to find is a useful “feed-reader” so I can keep up with the activities of the diaspora… Jx


  3. I was just reading about Blogger’s stupid move in the news today. Doesn’t it seem as if Google wants to shut Blogger down? After all, a lot of their users will be moving to WordPress, Tumblr, and other platforms because a bunch of prudes don’t want to see boobs, balls, and/or butts — or hear about them, either. Wonder how long it will take for them to piss off the proponents of breast feeding. . .and hell hath no fury like a pissed-off mom.


  4. Hah! They sent me that notice too. Unbelievable — because I don’t have a blog and never have had one. I set up a Google+ account a while back and then never used it because it seemed redundant. At least you had notice and could let us all know. May your freak flag continue to wave high and hilarious, MrPeenee!


  5. Well darling, thank goodness we still have somewhere to go!!!! I have yet ….yet to receive any correspondence from those fine folks, but if I do I have no idea how to export or import anything. I’m only versed in exporting and importing of cock at this point. Like you, I like it as a daily dairy of sorts, like when I get old, I can look back and say with surprise” Boy, I was a slut”


    • It’s amazing to me that some of the nastier blogs I visit appear to have slipped past the censors’ net. I’m starting to suspect it has something to do with what one says in one’s profile. Or maybe I’m just paranoid.


  6. Hi I’m Mean Dirty Pirate. My simpler user name (ayeM8y) seems to have already been taken. I’m sure it’s me (who else would it be) but I can’t remember the 2000+ passwords I use so I keep getting the, “try again later” message. I’m sure I’ll figure it all out but in the mean time change is good so MDP it is.

    This is all so exciting, like having moved to Bug Tussle, it’s all so foreign to me. I’m enjoying the figuring out and exploration. Of course Bug Tussle wouldn’t be a stretch for me since that time I woke up in a barn after a three day orgy with Egyptian sailors drinking moonshine in Eastabutchie MS.

    Anyway I’m busily setting up residence and flitting about with all the new doodads and toggles. Could use a rickrack button and some notions though.

    Ooh I need an avatar…


  7. So, I just got around to reading about this move on Google’s part and what I read was that it was getting rid of blogs that don’t conform to “its new anti-adult policy.” Think about that for just a minute, will ya?


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