Mardi Gras


image I missed Mardi Gras this year.  My house in New Orleans is still not ready (dammit) probably will not be until late March.  I was terribly disappointed; one of the main reasons for buying the place there was to live through Carnival again.  It’s a much different and much more amusing experience than just visiting for the festivites. Still, my Mardi Gras sounds tons better than this one:

  • (from Wikipedia)  On February 17, 2015, starting at around 2:48 AM, a stampede occurred during the traditional Mardi Gras parade on Champ de Mars in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. Initial reports stated that at least 16 people had died in the accident. The number was revised to 18 dead (15 men and 3 women) according to the Haitian Minister of Communications, Rotchild François Junior.  Nadia Lochard, of the Department of Civil Protection, stated that 20 people were killed in the accident. In addition, 78 people were injured, according to Haiti Prime Minister Evans Paul.  The stampede occurred after a man participating on top of a Carnival float during the Mardi Gras was shocked by high-voltage wires. Video footage of the incident shows visible sparks that triggered the stampede. The man, known by his stage name Fantom, and part of the Haitian hip hop band Barikad Crew, survived the shock and was in stable condition.

A parade at 2:00 in the morning.  Tragic deaths.  A stampede (say that out loud: A STAMPEDE.)  A semi-electrocuted hip-hopper.

Now that is a fucking Mardi Gras.

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  1. Can you believe all these years this gay boy has never been to Mardi Gras!!!! Southern Decadences once. Now are you still in San Fran too or is this a permanent house now? I am hoping you’ll give some wee glances of the new digs when done….I had loved your pictures of the progress and many of your selections for it. I have now also updated my blog roll and your new home on my reader. Looks wonderful darling!


    • I’m going to be in New Orleans in the winter and back here in the summer. I’ve gotten too delicate to bear that toasty climate.

      I’l certainly be putting up shots of the finished project. If the motherfucker ever gets finished.


  2. Well, it’s not Mardi Gras until someone dies! 20 deaths from trampling, stampeding and electrocution is overdoing it. I probably would have thought the hip hopper shooting sparks would have been part of the show and in my awe and lack of panic would have thusly been stomped to death while trying to flee with eighty thousand beads wrapped around my neck.


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