License to Thrill



I’ve struggled to come up with a post about going down to the DMV office to renew my driver’s license, but there’s only so much my genius can do to turn something that mundane into anything better.  Was it hellish?  Don’t be ridiculous, it was tedious.  Were there crazy guys in line with me who had straw in their hair?  Of course there were, this is San Francisco.  It was, as our friend John pointed out , the only place were everyone has to interact with everyone else; no cuts for you just cause you’re a rich white Lady.  An hour and half, and I was in and out, not hilarious, but not as bad as trip to the dentist.

Instead, let us turn our attention to the benefits of a good facial mudpack.




After.  Worth it, right?

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  1. So what about the picture? Hilarious? or Hell no!? In Florida I don’t have to renew until 2018. And that was renewed from 2010. Just pay the yearly fee. I don’t think a cop would be able to identify my dead body by the existing picture on my license. So of course they would have to visit the dentist to be sure. And were full circle.


    • I hav eno idea how old my original Drivrs License was, I just kept renewing by mail, but this year, I ran out of luck and had to actually appear in person. The photo on my old ID had brown and thick eyebrows; no one would guess it was me.

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  2. This year I didn’t even have to go in. They sent a suspicious letter in the mail saying that I just had to sign and send in the fee.
    I didn’t trust them, but figured, what the hell. Miraculously, my new license appeared in the mail a few weeks later.
    Gosh, I hope it’s legit.

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  3. I need a full body mudpack. I often say when we are at the beach to drag me from one end on one side and drag me back on the other. Complete exfoliation. I particularly like the green mudpack but the dick looks like the mud has been sucked off…


  4. Well it really is six of one and half dozen the other for the before and after. Both very nice really. But had I been in line I may have acquainted myself with Mr.Orange Baseball cap and flip flops.


  5. It seems that I keep spilling my cocktails on my licenses, so, they won’t give me one anymore. But soon I too must stand in line to get a picture ID now that I’ve moved to Cleveland.

    More importantly, I have just discovered that i really, really like mud.


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