In Which mrpeenee Shares


My new favorite pretend boyfriend, Denis Vega.  Or Vegas.  Apparently it depends on how much room they have in the text box.


Also, my ongoing well of angst, my house in New Orleans, aka The Reno that Wouldn’t Die


Word reaches us that now the project will not be finished until the end of April.  And that with the word “probably” ominously tucked onto the end of the prophesy.   As I told dear, dear Diane von Austinburg, let us look away from unhappy little face.  I’m going down at the end of March, although I’m sort of leery since every time I show up, the deadline slips back another month or so.

Is it any wonder I seek solace in the arms of porn?  Is it?

Also, if you haven’t been tuning into the marvelous tumblr Goldenfleecing, do so right away.  They’re having a special on redheads, a Gingerfest.


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  1. Porn can help take the edge off of knowing you have a money pit. But if you ever see Shelley Long or Tom Hanks in it, run as if you have a warp drive up your backside.


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