Oh, I Forgot


Secret Agent Fred points out that in my previous post about my car getting robbed, I neglected to include the most interesting bit, that the robbers (or brigands, depending on what century you’re reading this in) left behind the world’s cheapest pair of plastic sunglasses and an unopened two pack of boys underpants.  The fuck?  Is this like a Build Your Own Go-go Boy starter kit?  A consolation prize?  Maybe it represented some odd kind of barter system.  I was so startled by their unlikely appearance, I threw both the shades and the panties on the ground and drove off and now I regret it.  How often do random boy’s undergarments appear in your life?



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  1. If Cindy Adams plied her dubious trade on your coast rather than in Manhattan, this squib would definitely end “Only in San Francisco, kids, only in San Francisco…”


  2. LMAO!!!!! Im sorry to hear about the car robbery, but I just sprayed coffee all over the place when you found the boys underwear!!!!!!!!! Just knowing your personality on here, I was picturing your face when you saw them! You have one funny life ! At least they were clean.


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