Reporting Live from New Orleans. Again.


Yes, I’m back in the old country once again, despite United Airlines’ vigilant attempt to keep me out.

Traffic to the San Francisco airport was backed up with one of the exit lanes off the freeway closed, cause why would you need all the lanes to the airport of one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations functioning in June?  That’s just crazy talk, right?

According to the check-in kiosk computer I arrived 43 minutes before my flight.  Turns out if you’re not checked in 45 minutes before your flight, chaos.  I finally fought my way past the ticket counter and baggage and security and fetched up at the gate 10 minutes after they had started boarding when they told me they had canceled my seat.  I explained I had checked in already up front so I could dump off my bags and queried the frump at the desk if they thought I had changed my mind between the ticket counter and the gate about coming to New Orleans.

I immediately regretted my sassy ass attitude as it was clear I was teetering on the brink of being turned away, but professionalism won out, she let me through and I got to my seat just in time to sit there for a half hour while the pilot did the cross word and the stewardesses discussed their hair, or whatever the hell they were all doing.

Anyway, I’m here now, it’s steamy, and I’ve got a big day planned for tomorrow of sitting around waiting for the cable guy to come give me some internet.  Living the big life in the Big Easy, baby.  Also, just as a blogger’s note, if you are a sloppy typist, like mrpeenee, and fumble your way through “the old country,” WordPress will correct it to “toehold country” which is actually a pretty accurate way of describing my life in New Orleans.


This is most certainly NOT waiting for me at my house, nor does it seem likely the cable guy will provide anything like it. That does closely resemble my couch, though.

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  1. Oh honey, you didn’t tell me about your travel perils. I’m glad you arrived at all. And can’t wait to see you! And you too, Jason!


  2. Here, they like you to check in 2 hrs before a flight, can you imagine that? Tormented souls mill around for what seems like eternity, babies wail piteously and Mitzi sits amongst them and tuts, but it would be worth it, knowing that when I returned home they would be a man waiting for me on the couch, ready for action.


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