I don’t think I made it perfectly clear earlier that not only am I in New Orleans, but I am actually living in my house here, the house with which I have been struggling to renovate for the last year and a half and which seemed like would be the death of me.

Not so.

Here’s proof:

gst rm 2

The fabulous blue guest room which Secret Agent Fred and Diane von Austinberg each refer to as “My room.” I’m staying out of it.

gst rm

hall 2

Towards the rear


And towards the front. Sometimes I just turn around and take pictures.

kitchen 1

Obviously, the kitchen. The cabinet maker tried really hard to talk me out of red, which he kept referring to as “RED.” Sometimes it’s best just to ignore people. Often, in fact.

kitchen 2


kitchen 3

The cabinet doors are all recycled from long gone houses.

liv rm 1

These are all living room featuring the Wall O’ Windows.

liv rm 7

Cause every house needs a blackamoor.

liv rm 6

The great big clock started out life in one of the big department stores down on Canal Street, at least that’s what the antique store hawking it said.

liv rm 2liv rm 3 liv rm 4 liv rm 5

my rm 1

My bedroom. I call the lovely taupe “Expensive Mud.” And yes, I’m using the fireplace as a headboard. You got something to say about that?

my rm 2

Chinoiserie. Yep.

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  1. It is a dream – extravagant and funny and comfortable all at once. Wit in decor is hard to carry off (Dorothy Draper could do it; William Haines could, sometimes; the entire decade of the ’80s couldn’t), but you have. I am mad for the department-store clock, and for the Diana Vreeland Memorial Kitchen.


  2. Out of a magazine, but one that goes beyond the common and banal seen on TV. Love the kitchen, not a fan of red generally, but I see the error of my ways, now. We use two old solid paneled, weather worn doors that were found here in the woods of gay PA for our headboard. I like it because they’re so easy to decorate for the seasons; a string a lights and season appropriate flowers and a couple of small nails and it’s done for a couple of months!


  3. That is stunning, and agree with Norma, it has your sense of humor all over it! The kitchen looks fantastic, I adore a red kitchen, and love the fact that pieces came from other now gone houses. Very nice Peenee! Now when’s the housewarming party?


  4. I may be verrry late to this particular housewarming, but congratulations, Peenee! This is gorgeous décor. I am with Muscato on raving about that clock. And even I (an avowed “red-avoider”) could learn to love that reclaimed kitchen… Jx


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