Bloody Moon


And you know what else?  Living in San Francisco means not only that we’re the center of the disaster movie universe, but also that the tattered remains of the hippie era refuse to die here.  Proof?  Sunday evening was both a Super Moon (a full moon with “the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from Earth,” thank you Wikipedia, and a term I never remember running into until recently and now which seems to turn up as regularly as a Dame Edith Farewell Tour) and a full lunar eclipse, a so-called “Blood Moon” because of the red color it takes on.  Naturally all the hippie-wiccan-Burning Man types and others who don’t keep their pubes trimmed were wild for the prospect.

This being San Francisco, the fog blew in right at sunset and obscured the whole thing.  All the pagans were terribly disappointed, poor dears.  It’s just as well, I had planned on sacrificing a goat, but they were all sold out and Saki absolutely refused to cooperate.  I had hoped that the ceremony might help unload my house in New Orleans which STILL has not sold.

What is wrong with these fatheads?  It’s a great house and I’m throwing in all of my exquisite taste that I lavished on the dump for free.  I don’t know, I suppose it’s just bad moon ju-ju.


Goats. Never around when you need them.

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  1. I thought there was a whiff of Patchouli oil in the air. Despite being in love with the planet those tree hugging, saggy titty new age travellers contrive to leave piles of shite behind in their wake as they tow their clapped out, smoke churning old bangers. It’s only good manners to keep your clopper nice and trimmed, there is nothing worse than having a stray hair at the back of your throat. So much for the blood moon prophecy, I was expecting the end of the world, the event started at 3am here, I didn’t stay up to watch it.


    • How much of an end of times could it be if you have to set your alarm for it? Personally, I’d love to be sound asleep, all tucked in when the Apocalypse comes. Who wants to be out fighting with the survivalist knuckleheads and watching the christians take their smug faces off to their pube free rapture?


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