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I don’t know what you little chickens may have been up to recently, but I have spent the last couple of weeks being entertained by the charming eponymous Muscato from Cafe Muscato .  The old dear was in town for work (or “work.” More on that later) and put up with my blathering for a couple of dinners and a long Saturday afternoon when I promised to show him around town, but which turned out to be nothing but a long coffee at Peet’s, a long trip to the hardware store, and then a long dinner.  I would like to point out it is an especially amusing hardware store and dinner was excellent.

Throughout, Muscato was the most amusing company one could ask for.  I plied him with all sorts of lies and exaggerations about my little life and was able to weasel out a great many of the details that he is so meticulously discreet about on his own site.  I would like to imply I am not sharing them because I am honoring his rectitude about personal items (mrpeenee, The Soul of Discretion.  There’s a laugh,) but actually, I’m not sure I really believe these stories of a blameless but colorful life from Broadway to Cairo.  It’s possible it was a carefully crafted cover story.  Two words: Black Ops, darling.

I can now picture Muscato ensconced in some sweaty Asian bar, murmuring instructions to a dead-eyed operative who then departs to unleash Jason Bournesque destruction while Muscato returns to his subterfuge as a North African taxi dancer.

I am not fooled by tales of domestic bliss and terriers.  Some day there will be congressional hearings replete with all sorts of redacted documents and takings of the Fifth and there will be our own Muscato, “Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t.” his only quote.

You just wait.


The Discrete Charms of Muscato, left.  Who the guy in the background is is beyond me, but as you can see, he is noting every word of our scintillating conversation which I believe was probably about porn.  That came up a lot.  For heaven’s sake, he’s not even being subtle.

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  1. Oh Peets! Oh Cliff’s! Oh, I will try to become more interesting between now and when I see you. Or at least I’ll wear my trench coat a lot.


      • Um, honey? I DO know you. I’ll be wearing my trench coat for morning tea downstairs . . . when you stumble down and immediately say “I’m not actually up.”


  2. Goodness. If I’d known that was the angle you were photographing, I’d have paid more attention to my back-hair. I need a good brushing in that snap.

    It was a heavenly trip (at least the parts in which you led me about), and the only thing that would have made it better would have been if it really had been the scheduled weekend for Diane to descend on you as well.


  3. I hope I still have a full head of hair when I’m 40ish. Lovely bouffant.

    I see you do my trick of pretending to take a pictures of a friend, when in fact, I’m taking a pictures of a complete stranger on the next table, usually with a big bulge.

    He’s writing his diary like Anne Frank… Well not exactly like Anne. I doubt she ever got round to doing a bout of communal fucking.


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