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So I have wasted the whole evening trying to come up with a post about having my house painted.  Amazingly, it turns out home maintenance is not that amusing.  The only part I’m pleased with was describing the scaffolding as looking like it could take some medieval catapult, and I’m mostly happy with that because I spelled “catapult” right.

I’m having the house painted, blahblahblah.  Next.

Instead, let us turn our collective attention to naked young men, always a happy topic here at mrpeenee.

A while ago I ran across this fine young specimen and was very taken with him.  When I used him to illustrate a post (I think about Saki going to the vet, but of course) a number of readers seemed enthusiastically happy with him as well.



Now in my ceaseless patrolling of smutty byways of the interweb, I have run across this photo.


Doesn’t it seem to be the same viking-ish youth?  It does, doesn’t it?  Let’s put it to a vote, shall we?

Also, if anyone has any intel on him, or knows where any more of his oeuvre might be, I’d appreciate the heads up because who better to turn to for that than my readers?

Isn’t that better than details about the primer coat?

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  1. Yes, same guy in both, but he’s younger in the “netted” photo. Later, he shaved his chest and acquired some skin graffiti on his right arm, near the shoulder.

    But, dark taupe? Seriously? Not Hot Punk, Royal Prepuce, or Oliver Green? And, who is wearing the primer coat? Lars? Julio? Vlad?


  2. I’m not entirely sure they’re the same man, and I’d like to get them in the same room to, um, prove it.

    [Insert filthy “primer coat” joke to-be-determined here]

    I think exterior renovation stories are harder to sell than interiors. On the other hand, when one has as charming an abode as you, no further decoration is necessary. Making it all the more appropriate to fall back on naked men posts instead.

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