The Goose is Getting Fat


So apparently I am now blogging on demand.  I had assumed when I threw off the oppressive shackles of employment, I would be passed this sordid sort of thing, but no.

Because that was without considering our perennial favorite Chaturbate.  You know of Chaturbate, right?  All sorts of people (and I do mean ALL sorts of people) get on there and broacast themselves doing ALL sorts of things.


just working on a little yoga.

Mikey is one of our favorite.  I don’t understand how someone embellished with humpy muscles can be so sweet and unaffected, but he is.

I was on there this evening watching him flog the hog.  Eventually we started talking amongst ourselves about our respective cats, because that’s just something homosexualists do.  I’m aware of the whimsicality of watching a beautiful naked youth getting all freaky and meanwhile the fans are talking about kitties, and what’s the weather like, and “What time is it there,” a conversation that comes up in almost every session I’ve ever attended.

Mikey asked me if I had gotten his email with the pictures in them because Mikey is fully involved in the nattering conversations wandering along in the comments sections even if he is naked and spreading his butt cheeks at the time.

Indeed, I had received Mikey’s message and thanked him for it and the photos.  Although they’re not the sort of thing that would probably turn up in the Hallmark card section, they do have a certain charm.

That was when Mikey was struck by the brilliance of me writing about getting a christmas card from him.  It might be a little flimsy, but I’ve milked blog post topics out of less.  What the hell?  Plus, I’m fairly sure my readers will not object to a little Mikey objectification.


From all of us at mrpeenee Gobal World Headquarters, to all of you, whoever the fuck you are,  Happy Capitalist Consumerism Fetish fourth quarter earnings projections.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Thank u so much my Peenee friend.u just made my Christmas week to be more happy.i feel so loved and so apreciated.thxxx again and again.lot of kisses from ur Mike.Regards!


  2. Thanks mrpeene. I was in Mike’s room the other night. And being new to Chaturbate, I wondered if all rooms had such an interesting mixture of eclectic conversation and naked frivolity. Alas, I soon discovered no, many are just token whores. Mikey is exactly as you describe him, humpy and unaffected. He was aglow tonight to make sure everyone checked your blog! And those Santa slipper look even better with nothing else at all!


  3. I like his bed linen.

    I would love to bounce up and down on his lap, without my knickers on, perhaps with a bit of light fingering. I’ve been very good this year.


  4. Hey thank u everyone for nice words..people like you make me come back with pleasure on cam and do my best to make you happy.p.s Peenee worry about you a little.check email when u can.kiss


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