Thank God That’s Over


That’s what Mary said after she finally popped the biscuit out of the oven.  Little did she know.

I had a lovely christmas, thanks.   Secret Agent Fred was over at his abusive boyfriend’s place (which is actually Fred’s place, but when the boyfriend becomes too abusive, Fred comes over here to hide.  Life is so complicated.)  So it was just me and Saki and some banana pudding and some left over home made chicken pot pie (beyond delicious) and some fudge, also home made, and some oxycontin.   Saki would stand on my chest screaming that it was time to feed him, I would stumble downstairs, scrape out the cat food, eat a piece of fudge and fall back in bed.  Fabulous.

As is this mid-century Norman Rockwell knockoff.


You know those two gentlemen on the end of the couch are planning sodomy once they’ve fed their wives enough Manhattans, those teens by the clock are tripping like a thousand screamin monkeys and think they’re talking to Chrissie Hynde and the old farts in the kitchen are chained to the stove after last years’ “incident.”  Happy Holidays bitches.

Speaking of planning sodomy, here:



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  1. Happy New Years.

    Now I have to remember to write 2018 on the checks. That will take a while.

    I was beginning to wonder where Fred was. He hasn’t been mentioned in a while.

    The continuity of Saki can always be depended on.


  2. Happy New Year, Mr. P.! May 2018 be full of wonderful adventures (and sodomy, as appropriate) for you, Saki, and Secret Agent Fred.


  3. To Peenee and Company,

    Happy New Year!!!
    May the New Year keep y’all healthy, hearty, and in high spirits, filling y’all with love, laughter, and joy. Best wishes, Good fortune, Peace, and Happiness to y’all! Be safe. Be warm. May y’all be surrounded by good food, good company, and good times. Cheers!


  4. Oog. Imagine having to deal with the aftermath of that Christmas party – your Christmas sounded much more civilised.

    Now to address the elephant in the room: I’m glad to see that you’ve been supplying weights to keep your strapping young men in good shape, but what on Earth has the first one been lifting with his thing to create such girth? The elephant?!?


  5. 2018. I’m already grumpy and dissatisfied, and I’m not even hung over. It’s gotta be better than last year, though right?

    The middle kid’s otherwise admirable appendage somehow looks embarrassed at being attached to the same body as that appalling helmet-hair coiffure…

    Regards to Fred (and I suppose to Saki). Here’s to seeing all of you before the year gets too old (or we do, although for that it may, alas, be too late).

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  6. I couldn’t agree more, though I reckon she said that after wiping her fanny on a dock leaf and ‘bring me another lover’ preferably pic no 3.

    I used to have a similar hairdo to pic 2 in the late 1980s my ‘do’ was slightly longer than his, my mother wouldn’t let me have my ears pierced said it looked cheap so I pierced them myself and kept them hidden underneath my hair.

    Happy New Year!


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