A Little Spring Color


So In the midst of all my selling the house and moving drama, life goes on, including a trip to the eye doctor.  Super Agent Fred came with me to drive me home since once they have dilated my eyes, I can technically see, but driving becomes something of a thrill sport and a danger to myself and others.

Ensconced in the passenger seat, I was fumbling around in the little compartment built into the door and discovered a lipstick crayon left there by who knows what long gone floozy.  I immediately began applying it as Fred was wheeling maniacally down the twisty, curvy street above my house.  Of course, I did a fabulous job, under such trying circumstances.  As you see


It’s a cherry magenta.  Very flattering, especially for those of us of a certain age whose youthful bloom has faded to something closely resembling wet ash.  I think I will start using this as my color basis for spring.  Now all I need is to find some blush that works with it.

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    • RuPaul? That last year’s dragette? Oh no, dear I am not interested in judging my looks against that amateur hour. I blaze my own path and am thinking of periwinkle eyeshadow with accents of cobra reptile green.


  1. Blinded by mascara and struck dumb with lipstick – Quentin Crisp

    Rose and lavender shades are definitely your colour.


    Have you tried Taaz virtual makeover? Tranny heaven.


  2. The Death in Venice look. Very becoming. Perhaps some Juan Peron black hair and a little bronzer troweled on. Then you’d be good to go.


  3. Sweetie, the photo doesn’t do you justice. It may be honest, but it’s unkind. We old dears – I’m approaching seventy – need a Phillipe Halsman to make us the best we are. Actually, I think the colour lipstick is a tad hard – a soft pearl colour would be more in keeping. May I ask, were you a little down, tired, depressed when the photo was taken? Bless you, my old fruit (in British parlance).


  4. Honey, the more I look at this photo, the more I get upset. You look so forlorn. You don’t need lipstick, you don’t need slap, you just need to be sweet to yourself.


  5. With or without the lipstick – mrpeenee is worthy of the other beefcake boys adorning this blog. I do believe it is high time that you plug a camera in and start collecting tips on chaturbate. Truly, more handsome than I imagined.


    • Why, hel-lo Brain! How good of you to drop by and to be so sweet. I think this photo is interesting because it highlights how my whole puss curves to left, as if I were trying to see around a corner before I get there. I’m so glad to have you as a reader.


      • I call that character. ‘Sides, I always figured you were a big lefty – and that’s a good thing. Does anything else curve to the left?


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