I Feel Moved


So at long last , after a series of crises that would have knocked the shit out of Job, I have triumphed and am not only living in my lovely mew apartment, but have just finished the long anticipated last haul.  Considering I started this process on April 5th (my birthday, sweetly enough.)  I don’t think I have ever been so physically exhausted and at one point during what turned from moving from simple relocation into some kind of  Death March, Super Agent Fred confided to our friend he had never seen me so stressed out.  And this is a friend who saw me through the dark days of R Man’s dying and death.

It was bad and one day I will recount the horrors.  let this stand as a symbol: yesterday (I think it was yesterday, it’s all a blur) I was stuck in very slow bumper to bumper traffic on an of ramp and briefly just dozed off.  I was awakened by the thud of my bumper hitting a very nice young woman who has since texted me and said there was no harm, so don’t worry about it.  I did not reveal to her that as son as I realized I had hit her, all I felt was a mild annoyance.  “Oh christ, not one more thing” was pretty much my whole summation of the event.

So anyway, here’s a picture of my new apartment with me,more or less conscious.


I’m flying.  You need to imagine it without the cast collection of lampshades.

I’m sorry, I will write more soon, but I am beyond exhaustion. I am running on nothing but frazzled nerves at this point.  Look for scintillating insights and random punctuation soon.  Very soon.

Also, a naked youth


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  1. I’ve been wondering how things were going. Happy to hear the move is done. Moving is very stressful. Now you get to put the place together. Good luck remembering where anything is. Nice to see you have your selection of lampshades to wear at the house warming ready.


  2. Good news. I was worried about you. OK, there’s still stuff to do, but, for fuck’s sake, mate, try to be kind to yourself. Have fun. By the way, cool apartment and you look sexy. Yum.


    • Hey, Mistress, how old are you? The Castro as a scene of debauchery? (check your spelling). The Castro is now gentrified, a place for tourists, no guy fucking another guy in some back alley without a condom. Forget something called AIDS? Thousands of guys dying? Shut the fuck up.


      • Hey Robert. Since when were you the spokesperson on all matters to do with other people’s lives? What makes you think you have the right to come into Mr Peenee’s space and insult his friends? You know nothing about Maddie, nor anyone else here. We are all survivors in our own way of the AIDS crisis that affected numerous people, not just you. The Castro may or may not be “debauched” nowadays, but anyone has the right to make a light-hearted comment about a place with such a reputation as the Castro had. As for the current wave of gentrification – in the words of the Queen of the Castro José Sarria: “God Save Us Nelly Queens!” And to quote one of the slogans of the White Night Riots; “DON’T COLLABORATE!” Jx

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      • @ Robert.- In reply, I’m in my early 40’s and have been to San Francisco several times and know that the Castro has been gentrified and a nice place for tourist, and that the era of the free flow of sex is long gone. I was using the term ” debauchery” as a funny word for Peenee to watch all the street theater from above, as in people watching.

        And I never promote or practice unsafe sex…as a side note.

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      • Mistress, I am so sorry for the buffoon below. How do these jerks get here and why do they stated if their delicate sensibility is so wounded. Usually I ignore the trolls, but not if they’re going after my friends.


  3. With windows like those, Saki must think he’s in heaven. He might even become a neighborhood landmark — “When you get to the building with the cat in the window, turn right.” As for you, Mr. P., sit down, put your feet up, and have a mimosa…or a Harvey Wallbanger….


    • Saki made the move with no trauma at all; in fact, he’s excited by exploring the new surroundings. But he’s scared of cars and so hasn’t really gotten into the big windows the way I thought he would. I think he’ll get used to it and like you predict, will dig them.


  4. I think your lampshade collecting got a little out of hand. I hope you can find comfort in your flatiron building, all these prickley corners would irritate me. Greetings to Saki, I hope all is well.


  5. I sympathise, my dear Peenee – we moved house in January, and we’re still getting the place into some semblance of order, balancing our efforts with having to get up for a full day’s work every day on top. Good luck – and it is a fab view. Exactly where I would place my swivel chair. Sod the telly! Jx


  6. OMG! I love your windows! Of course, now I’m trying to figure where a building like that is in The City! I haven’t lived there in more years than I can remember, but it will always be one of my favorite places. You have my heart, sweetpea, moving is never easy, nor is moving on in life. I wish you much happiness and lots of windex for those windows! ;~) xoxox


  7. That is quite the voyeurs corner – rather magnificent (I do love a non-right angled room)! The ideal spot for Cherry Magenta (I missed your last post, somehow) to gaze upon her audience.
    I hope you can find time for a nice, peaceful rest from the Move very soon (if you haven’t already).


  8. I am of a forest nature, but in awe of your view (you have leaves on your trees). I can imagine arriving at your doorstep, bearing your favourite beverage and perhaps a snack, hoping to share an evening of your warmth in the glow of the lanterns outside.

    A housewarming is not really necessary, your home is warmed by your presence. Best to you in all the zigs and zags.


  9. Wow! Cool digs, man! I would never leave home if I lived there. Wait. It’s Castro – in SF – okay, yes I’d leave home occasionally. But not often.


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