The Towering Tower


My life, after the chaos of the past six weeks, has suddenly calmed down, which is nice, but it leaves me sort of twitchy. Maybe I have post- move PTSD.



I spent the beautiful morning in bed with blankets taped over the windows because my curtains won’t be ready until next week and also that’s just how white trash I am.

When I finally dragged out of my home-made vampire’s lair, I discovered the most San Francisco lovely afternoon waiting for me. I am still revelling in the thrill of walking to all the places in the Castro I want, so I walked over to Peet’s both because I wanted coffee and just because I could.

Then I came home and tidied and hung art and rearranged the cat box. A sweet afternoon that wound up with me sitting on the floor of the living room watching the fog blow back and forth across the very Space Age-y Sutro Tower. Lovely.

Sutro Tower is the radio, television, microwave, cell phone broadcasting tower that looms over all of San Francisco and which we all ignore.  It’s this enormous tower that looks like something from an expensive sci-fi movie and none of us pay it the least mind.  It’s just there.

And now it’s the focus of my fabulous view.  I’ll try again to take pictures from my living room of it, but because the room is a triangle all


the windows face each other and all that glare means you get pictures of glare.

Anyway, the lovely, spacey Sutro Tower


and some towering boys





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  1. So that’s a communications tower? Like you, I always thought it was a leftover from a science fiction movie, or maybe a prototype for Burning Man. Anyway, it’s good that things have settled down so you can concentrate on more important things, like starching the doilies, tipping the go-go boys, and feeding the catnip junkie’s habit.


  2. That is quite the magnificent tower! Sutro, not Boy #1. Although…
    Anyway, I wish our local tower looked like that. Perhaps not so tall, though. 298 metres is about 10x (or more) the height of ours in Northrepps, and it might look a little out of place.


  3. Good to hear some news from you – fresh and refreshing, as always. Gotta love the “Tower of Power” theme, too.


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