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My new raincoat was delivered yesterday and in a stroke of serendipitous timing, it rained all day today so I could take it out for a test drive.


It was an unqualified success.  Cozy warm, it kept me completely dry with none of those annoying seam leaks, and best of all, the hood fits.  Since I have long (some would say swanlike, but not me of course) neck, hoods are always problematic.  I bought rain gear last summer to be prepared when the rains finally came only to discover when they did that the coat’s hood was way too shallow leaving my face and glasses out in the rain.

I understand a dark (I thought it was black, but the picture makes me assume that it’s really navy.  That is mrpeenee’s fashion sense in one sentence) unremarkable parka would not rate as fashion for most people, but since all the rest of my clothing purchases in the last decade have been identical replacements for whatever tee shirt wears out, this was a pretty extraordinary event.

Because I bought the first one so long ago, I don’t remember what made me pick it originally.  Probably it was the first thing listed on the Land’s End web site that day.  As I mentioned, it fit oddly, with sleeves long enough, but the tail too short to cover my butt and the stupid hood perched on the back of my head.  Both coats though came loaded down with all sorts of velcro and zippers and odd pockets that I have no idea what to do with.  It seems sort over engineered for San Francisco’s undemanding weather.  Part of the description for the new one promised something about the pockets that would keep the snow out.  What?  Perhaps my readers more familiar with snow can explain why that’s a thing.  Does snow sneak into your pockets?  I wouldn’t put it past it; I’m very suspicous of snow.

In other news:  naked guys far away from cold gray weather


That’s called a “tan.”  Perhaps you have forgotten about them.


keeping warm is important during these trying times.


Sunny, warm, tropicale.  Even in California it calls to me.


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    • One of the odd features I mentioned is the zipper zips from both ends. I couldn’t figure out the point, but now that you mention it, maybe it’s to facilitate airing ones bits.


  1. Keeping snow OUT of your pockets helps to keep your stuff IN your pockets. Unless you try to stuff Saki in your pocket. Not even Hamburger Helper could help you if you try to do that!

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  2. Snow is the very Devil for getting into places that it’s not meant to be. Inside gloves, down the back of necks, in the crevices of car seats and, yes, pockets. Although I don’t think it would get anywhere near the three young men pictured here as their radioactive tans would melt it at 20 paces.


  3. The other day, to supposedly enhance a photograph, I decided to throw a mitten full of snow into my pubic hair. I missed, and the snow went down both legs of my pants, finding its way right into my boots. I believe snow may be inherently mean-spirited.

    Needless to say, my reaction spoiled the picture, an open-mouthed gasp not being appropriate for the portrayal of a bucolic winter scene.

    I like your new coat, but would wager a claim of a snow proof pocket is about as reliable as a claim of a squirrel proof bird feeder.


    • I was in San Francisco Sept 20 odd years ago too, it was the year Princess Diana died whenever that was, I remember it well because people kept coming up to us saying how sorry they were to hear of her passing, I just smiled and said you’re so kind when really I couldn’t have given a fuck. Just think our paths could have crossed.


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