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So our friend Mikey, the sweetest, I cutest naked guy in the world sends this to remind us all to come visit him soon over at Chaturbate


Who could say no?

I’ve been meaning to discuss the evolution of the family I’ve become part of over on Mikey’s Chaturbate room.  In the four years I’ve been drooling around there, I wound up becoming friends with the other moderators (as the performer, Mikey gets to anoint various fans as mods.  I’m not sure what all we can do except that we have the power to eject other fans who are offensive or whom we just don’t like.  Do not cross a mod, bitch.) It is very much like the friendships I have with my blog buddies here.

While many are called but few are chosen, there is a core group of us who can be depended upon to show up pretty regularly.  They include:

Annita, the Instigator


Whenever we get too chatty ( and that happens A LOT.  Somebody the other night asked what we were doing talking about recipes while Mikey was choking his big ol chicken.  Point taken.) Annita steps in to remind us that we need to zap his hot pussy.  Chastened, we all turn to.  Annita is the boss and we all recognize that.   When she says to tip, we have no choice but to turn Mikey’s pussy hole into smoking ruins.

Brain, the Comic Relief


Brain and I share a sense of humor (or “humor”) that lurks around the edges of the comment section with both of us making jokes only the other one seems to understand.  We had a long back-and-forth about Irene Cara just the other night.  It’s come to the point where we comment identically and then yell JINX pretty much every time we’re there at the same time.  Brain resides in a very white trash part of Florida (which implies there are parts that aren’t, but never mind) so he and I also get to chat about the South.   My, the laffs, the tears.

Chris, the Sneaky One


While the rest of us noodle along sending tips of various sizes to Mikey and making his dildo zap his pussy with electricity, Chris specializes in waiting until after the money shot, when Mikey is lying there with jizz splattered about, trying to catch his breath and then BAMMO, he lets fly with a flurry of zaps, usually including one great big one, that has Mikey squealing and bouncing and the rest of us laughing and clapping our hands like gay little girls.

Lifty, the Trouble Maker


I wouldn’t have classed Lifty as slinging mischief until earlier this week when he showed his true colors.  He ever so casually mentioned he was involved in a tournament in a game app called WordScapes.  Somehow, I had previously missed the addictive past time of the Word, but now I have been sucked into the vortex and I am stuck on it.  I play it at the cafe, riding in Uber, in bed when I should be sleeping; there is no escape.  My other mods have also been exposed, but are resisting, so thanks Lifty.  Thanks a fat lot.



All renderings are the editor’s conceptions (and wishful thinking) and are not intended to be a depiction of any actual troublemaker.


Artist’s impression of Mikey’s Chaturbate room, mods included.

I have to admit the nattering nabob I mentioned earlier who took exception to our chatting in the comments had a valid point, even if he was an annoying little shit.  Mikey is a sweet, sweet boy and also a hot, cute, muscley piece of heaven that we should be glad to simply stare at.  Instead, we wander off into various discussion on our own all the while Mikey is there like sex on legs.

Frequent topics include

  • How’s your mother?
  • How’s your liver?
  • How’d your potsickers turn out?

Annita is the primary caregiver to her mother with Alzheimer’s, Chris’s liver is severely problematic and sent him to the hospital this summer, Brain fights the good fight of home maintenance on the Gulf Coast and has wood rot to prove it, and I live with a psychotic cat.  We all have our burdens and Mikey’s Whack Off Chamber is a good place to help us deal with them.  Sort of group therapy without the annoying therapy part.

Plus we regularly provide the Mikey Chaturbate Action News Weather Center with live reports from San Francisco, Hawaii, Phoenix and Florida!  You don’t get that anywhere else, bitches.

Actually, some visitors have mentioned they enjoy the ambiance our chatter provides, that it makes the place much friendlier than most of the rooms where all the discussion centers around something along the lines of “You are a god, cum on my face”.  I think that’s charming.  Other viewers who are not so entranced can simply suck it.

Visitors to the room get to pick screen names by which they are identified in the comment section.  For reasons unclear to me, many of them pick celebrity names, including Julia Roberts.  I was struck by the ludicrous image of the real Ms Roberts sitting in front of her computer, watching Mikey have at it so I started carrying on as if I believed it really was the genuine article, aways referring to her as MISS JULIA ROBERTS, Famous Movie Star Person.  I appreciate the patience my fellow moderators have shown with this fantasy.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. MAnnnn U great mood u gave me with this post.i was readidng all with a fucking big smile. Thank u my daddy peenee for everything.lovee u man.


  2. Wow. Mikey does look like sex on two legs, and his catterbait room seems like fun. But why did you have to call Saki psychotic? Did he shit in your Jimmy Choos again?


  3. I can truly attest that Mikey has created a great place and a “”family there. Yes, it’s like the island of misfit toys, but we have fun and enjoy ourselves. Who can ask for more?

    I have been lucky enough to be a part of the mod family from time-to-time and really enjoy it. I’m glad that i’m back after a break and look forward to more happy times.


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