Accomplishing Things: Admirable Trait or Overrated Habit?


Considering what a lazy slug I am, devoting my life to sleeping and eating cookies, the last three weeks have been a disturbing whirlwind of activity.  A bee, baby, a busy little bee, that’s me.  And I have hated most of it.  Never has my bedroom seemed so appealingly cozy yet so far away.

I managed to get all my rugs washed, host that adorable miscreant Diane von Austinburg, get the apartment painted, and take down and then put back up my massive aluminum plate collection.




After.  And after crippling me putting them all back up.

A collection which my brother thinks resembles hubcaps on the wall.  I know this because we had dinner last night and he said so.   Yes, I am back in the old country, Houston, Texas.   As is my right as a native,  albeit misplaced,  Texan, I have spent my time here putting away large plates of the holy trinity of Texian foods: barbecue, fried seafood, and Mexican food.

I also have chatted at length with my dear brother about our odd family and he caught me up on the gossip which I would already know about, apparently, if I just would get sucked into the FaceBook vortex.   I refuse, I prefer to get my gossip as god planned it, second hand from a biased family member.

Naked guys for Mikey and the gang at Chaturbate:



Special for Mikey


Young, dumb and ful of cum.  At least, until I get through with him.


And just because I’m in a Texas state of mind.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Well you know I adore the slight curve of a Texan!!! And I must say, the plates pop so much more on the darker wall. I love it. Now since you have all this said energy, could you come and shampoo my rugs? I’m sure we could work something out dear.


  2. It took me a few moments to try and work out where the window went in the second shot – till I realised the photo was taken a lot further down the hallway…

    I had no problem with the other photos, however. Jx


  3. Your brother has a problem with hubcaps on the wall??!? Are you sure he’s a Texan?? I thought all the best homes in Texas had hubcaps on the walls, in between the gun racks, hiding the stains on the overwrought damask wallpaper! Miss Ellie would clutch her pearls in horror at the thought of walls without hubcaps!


    • I thought of you when my brother mentioned the hubcaps since you had that thought the last time I had a post about them. I’m afraid I might have been the tiniest bit testy about it.


  4. I know this post is about plates, rugs, and naked men, BUT I really like the paintings on the opposite wall shown in the first photo – especially the food processors! Please tell me more!


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