Foods of the Demi-Gods


I was all set to knock out a post whining about trying to get my Covid vaccination. I am registered on 4 different websites, but have no idea when, or if, I’m going to get my shot. But then I reminded myself that we are all in the same frustrating boat and my complaining will not make any of it any better. Instead I decided to talk about food, a subject about which I am enthusiastically all for.

Spending all my time at home, alone except for a cranky old cat (who I now realize is deaf and not just ignoring me like he used to) I have become more aware of my odd habit of becoming obsessed with a particular snack to the exclusion of all others until I get tired of whatever I have been plowing my way through. I know some people trapped by the lockdown have turned to seriously developing their cooking skills with stuff like Goat Cheese Polenta or pates that take three weeks to prepare, but my passions tend more towards the gustatory refinement of a pre-schooler. If it’s bland, I’m wild for it. Over the last year, I have been devoted to instant oatmeal (the kind with tiny little scraps of dried apples,) butterscotch instant pudding, cottage cheese, applesauce, applesauce in cottage cheese, and most recently, sandwich sliced cheddar cheese on saltines.

Part of the appeal of my white trash cheese and crackers charcuterie board was my discovery that folding the slice of cheese in half and then half again and breaking it along the folds creates 4 little cheese pieces exactly the right size to fit on a cracker. Obviously, god was guiding my hand here. Even better was the discovery that they were perfect for stacking into snack towers.

Snack stack.

The ideal food for the OCD among us.

Stacked guys

So I’ve featured this guy before as a favor for Mikey and then there has always been a lot of squealing from the comments section. Turns out his name is Anthony Varrecchia. Commence squeals.

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay….”

I think this photo has graced my blog before, but who’s complaining?

I’m just digging those shades.

To waiters, the phrase “In the weeds” means you’re behind, the chef is insane, your section is the only one populated entirely by screaming children, and maybe you should reconsider prostitution as a source of employment.

A magical evening in the R.V. of love.

Some big guy for mikey.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I had registered myself and a few neighbors on the Philadelphia site to get vaccinated. Last night my 86 year old neighbor called to say the pharmacy we used called to set up his vaccination in March. Things are starting to move.

    I’ve been making cookies. Had to stop. I was eating them all in a few days.

    My cousin sent me this recipe. I like fennel.

    It is good.


      • Yesterday the phone rang. It was the Philadelphia health department saying having registered interest in a vaccination with the Philadelphia health department I could select an appointment on the 3,4 or 5. I have the first shot scheduled for tomorrow. I thought things would start to move fast, just not this fast. It’s nice to have a functioning federal government again.


  2. I think I prefer some of the slabs of meat you have on display here to processed cheese slices. They always remind me of earwax.

    Fingers crossed for your jab! Jx


  3. Mr. P., expand your horizons! Try the cheese slices on other kinds of crackers — Triscuits or Wheat Thins, for example. Or try other kinds of cheese. Heck, go wild and add a slice of pepperoni!

    (P.S.: Saki’s not deaf. He’s just become a master at ignoring you.)


    • The Chinese lamp thingy is a great favorite of mine, too. It’s two nice little Chinese ladies, one reading and one playing a lute, with the base of the lamp being a raft and the shade the sail. Charmant.


  4. Now I’m having thoughts about cheesy cocks.

    I can tell that’s quality cheese by the crumbly edges, but why are you eating them off a saucer?


  5. I’m with you darling. I’ve been hearing,

    “I got my shot!’
    “I’m getting my shot tomorrow!”
    “You haven’t gotten yours yet?”

    So, I dove back into the computer & came away thinking I’d made an appointment for this morning. Thankfully I checked back before I went to bed because I discovered I’d simply made an appointment for a COVID TEST!

    Yes, went to bed a disappointed moron.

    And like Mr. DeVice, that lamp makes me smile. Could it be what they called a TV lamp? I have a couple of chalk Asian chachkahs & a glorious lamp that is duplicate of Mum’s. I find 1950s Asian quite comforting.

    May I touch Anthony?


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