Saki deals with the pandemic emergency.

My leisurely lifestyle allows for frequent and deep emersion in the wonders of YouTube. Stop motion animation featuring foul mouthed Barbie dolls in the breathtaking Most Popular Girls in School; various shelter websites rescuing various woebegone animals from horrific situations; renovating hoarders’ houses, they all have their charms, but my absolute favorite is some odd guy in Massachusetts who clears clogged culverts as a past time. (editor’s note: some part of the fabulous changes WordPress launched recently removed the ability to link out to another site any less clumsily than this. Sorry)

Post 10 (I don’t think his name is ever revealed) drives around chasing clumps of leaves and sticks and garbage that block drains and cause floods, frequently of streets, but also out in the astonishingly beautiful country of rural New England. Never has drainage maintenance provided such gorgeous travelogues. His style is low key to the point of flat, never reproaching the cars that dive by splashing him while he goes about improving their streets for free. He is earnest and calm, enthusing only over a whirlpool he creates by raking away a pile of gunk. His patience with the removal is admirable; I know I would simply dive in and start flailing away. But Post 10 is methodical and serene about picking apart some collection of junk. He is the Buddha of the ditch.

He has some training in hydrology and explains the causes and possible outcomes of the blockages. I now know the difference between a culvert and a bridge thanks to the heroic work of Post 10. And he is out in all kinds of nasty weather, thunderstorms, tornado warnings and all the ice and snow and other cold horrors a Massachusetts winter can serve up. I sometimes have to turn the cold videos off, I get too anxious at the sight of him gaily wading about in ice covered streams. Eeks.

I think anyone who was ever a 5 year old boy will identify with the pleasure he gets from mucking about in his boots (I’m sure I am not the only fan who was relieved when he finally got proper waders instead of his rain boots which inevitable filled with cold water.) Watching him clear an obstruction and then film the pond it had created draining away is deeply gratifying. When he kicks a pile of soggy leaves out of the way, you just want to be there giving them what for with him.

His other videos include trains ( I said his affect was inevitable calm, but he does enthuse over a locomotive rumbling by,) abandoned homes, his aquariums, and his collection of lawn mowers and trimmers. When I compared him to a 5 year old boy, I meant it. I am only disappointed there are no videos about LEGOs, cause I would watch them. For once I’m not being snarky. A huge part of the appeal here is the unaffected, genuine pleasure he finds in these simple arenas. He seems like a nice guy, one who is out there cleaning out culverts simply to make the world a better place. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, a must-see blockbuster.

Other giants who walk among us:

Cause the last sk8r dude was so popular.

Cowboys for Amber

I choose to believe this guy is studying a culvert blockage.

Dave Marshall, a gay rassler from Australia.

A beard for the boys over at Chaturbate. Hey guys.

Cats define the slogan “Fuck around and find out.”

Could probably clear out a big ol clog with that thing.

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A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Good grief. Next thing we know, you’ll be watching a Kirk Cameron film festival. Maybe you should follow Saki’s lead — a good meal, some catnip, and a nap in the sunshine. Just remember to scoop the litter box after you use it…


  2. Of all the things I ever thought darling Peenee would lead me to, THAT was not one of them. Of course I sat & watched the whole thing. So he’s in a small town in Massachusetts, but which one? Could it be mine?

    I imagined Mr. B&W photo making good use of the biggest whirlpool ever. He’d need the biggest one.

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  3. I must admit, I did get into that drain clearing rather quickly, and had a little thrill when he cleared enough crap to make that big whirlpool. However, I didn’t watch it all because I caught a glimpse of Skater Dude and promptly forgot everything else.

    Except: Will you tell Saki to calm down – he’s making me dizzy with all that commotion!


  4. I cannot comment in the negative about your watching material on Youtube as I’ve been getting my kicks watching Praying Mantis Vs… and Monkey Drag. We need to get out more.


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