I’ve Been Shot


Yes, finally, I’ve been vaccinated against Covid 19, with the Pfizer vaccine, to be precise, because that’s what all the best people are getting. And also, that way I can pronounce it Fizzer. Honestly though, as I told the CB gang, it’s been such a long wait that if they had announced the only vaccines they had left were the Costco brand, I would still have rolled up my sleeve.

And I have waited patiently, albeit in a cranky sort of way. I registered with 5 vaccination sites only to find out most of them just linked back to the California main one, but only after requiring you to fill in a bunch of blanks. I signed up and settled back to wait my turn, secure in the sweetly naive belief that they would contact me when the time came because isn’t that what an efficient system would do? Because what is the point of registering otherwise? Of course, as we all now know, “efficient” is not really the word that comes to mind with this system. Or “system” since “random ass fucketry” would be a more accurate description. When Amazon is out of the underwear I want, they put my order on hold and then, when the panties are available, they send me an email, a follow up email, and maybe a couple of more follow ups, and then some suggestions of socks that I might find amusing. Why a vaccine that might save my life is not treated as exhaustively baffles and, in no small part, enrages me.

Once I had given up waiting for the vaccine delivery gods, I started randomly checking in on the sites, stalking them for some available appointment, with the same lack of success. But then, Thursday morning my dear friend Hotfoot texted me to say she had just gotten one and urged me to go snag one too. I did and I give all thanks to her. Coincidentally, Diane von Austinburg, Super Agent Fred, Hotfoot and Brain from over at CB all got our shots over the same 4 day span. It’s a wave of health.

After I had battered my way through the registration process, things went amazingly smoothly. The vaccination site was the Moscone Convention Center downtown, a joint big enough to swallow Disneyland. They had the system laid out to move everyone right along and it was only after I had been there for a while that I realized they must have been handling a couple of hundred people, but you couldn’t tell because the lines were broken up into discreet areas and the social distancing also added to the uncrowded feeling. I feel like social distance may be a trend I could support keeping. The only drawback was the wretched music, bad wedding reception EDM. Even with the 15 minute waiting period, mostly marked by morons trying to negotiate their way out of it, I was there less than 40 minutes.

Of course, once I had gotten my shot, the only excitement remaining was to see what side effects might rear their ugly heads. The Chaturbate Sunday Night Movie Club chimed in one night as Mikey was pulling his big ol pud to voice the reactions they had had. Brain had been achy, Piano’s arm hurt, Bob called the rest of us pussies, I was the only one who had absolutely no side effect. Yay. My second dose is next Saturday and the second ones apparently tend to come with worse reactions, so we’ll see, but I feel very optimistic.

And optimistic is not the only emotion these vaccines have revved up. I was surprised how excited I was by the prospect of finally getting vaccinated and how relieved I was and what a good mood having the whole thing behind put me in. I’m still wearing my mask and avoiding crowds, but it’s with a sense of turning a corner. Again, yay.

Guys I wouldn’t mind injecting

I love the contrast between this tough lunk’s face and his panties.

I also love hoodies. Since San Francisco is always slightly chilly, something keeping my neck warm is mightily appreciated.

Pavel Petel, the courageous Russian muscle pussy model, who died in a car crash last April. RIP.

I worry about boys whose hair weighs more than they do.

Look, I know it’s Photoshop. Sometimes I just don’t care.

Cowboy for Amber.

Lick it sweetie. Lick it for daddy.

Sometimes I find a picture and think “Oh, the CB gang is gonna love this.”

You know how I love gingers.

Mee Tee.

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  1. Congratulations on your prick, and indeed your pricks!

    I’ll have the gormless one staring into his phone, please. He’d never even notice who was doing what to him if there was an amusing sea shanty video on Tik Tok. Jx


  2. I got my second one Tuesday. I pronounce it Fizuh.

    Needle #1 was (surprisingly) not uncomfortable to receive. I was pleased. I loathe getting jabbed. Needle #2- I sat, like sitting ducks do, & had some dumb banter with the injectress telling her how much I hate shots & how happy I was that the first one didn’t hurt. When the moment came, it hurt like hell & I yelled. Of course, I was in an enormous gymnasium kind of space. I didn’t look, but I know the entire place turned to look at who was screaming! I didn’t care, but injectress did. She was embarrassed. Que lastima.

    I brought a cold pack with me for the 2nd & used it as I sat & waited. I thought the cold might help the following day-sore arm pain. It actually might have helped a bit. Both times my arm was sore, but no other side effects.

    I’m a little nervous, but I’m getting on a plane the 17th to go see Mum. It’s been over a year & well, you know.


    • I was quite right, naturally, when I pegged Mr. Bobble Head as universally popular. He probably can’t go the store without some stranger humping on his leg like a poodle in heat. It must be a terrible trial for the poor thing.


  3. The City of Philadelphia’s Health Department has a FEMA site giving the shoots. The National Guard is doing them. Lots of young men in baggy fatigues running around. How they managed to have bubble butts in those fatigues was a marvel. Lots of eye candy. Made the whole process a lot more pleasant.

    You and Fred are talking again?


    • Fred and I are talking. I suppose I should post soething explaining the long, strange trip of it all.

      Fatigues, bubble butt, and youth. What an alluring combination.


  4. Saki and your neighbors must be very glad you didn’t get the Moderna shot, sponsored by Dolly Parton. There would have been violence if you started braying “9 to 5” or “Jolene” at all hours!


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