In Which We Continue Missing the Good Old Days


The lads at Chaturbate and I were chatting, cause that’s what we do, and our philosophical ramblings led to the agreement that gay pornstars are just homelier than they used to be. We had no opinions about lady pornstars, but smut actors of the sodomite flavor simply are doggier than they used to be back in the Glory Days.

Before: Doug Perry, circa 1990
After: Bo Sinn, America’s newest sweetheart. I was going to come up with more examples of ugly porntsters, but, you know, yuck. I don’t even like looking under a bandaid.

Why would that be? Why, as access to feelthy pictures has gotten so much easier, would the guys in them have become so short on looks? I assume it’s all because of technology. Isn’t everything?

Pornography and prostitution have always toddled along hand in hand. The boys cranking out such deathless masterpieces as Daddy Ike is Collecting the Rent were typically turning tricks as their main employment. Their movies and photo shoots were basically advertisement for their rent boy efforts. The better known their booty was, the more they could charge for it.

As the internet blossomed, porn studios thrived. No longer dependent on dirty book stores or discrete brown envelopes, they were in high cotton. Then, about a decade ago, with the rise of cam sites and websites like OnlyFans, the actors realized they could cut out the middleman and get straight to the customer. Which they did. That means the studios are now starving for talent and are stuck with whatever they can scrape up at the rent boy bars’ last call. And so now we have a surging demand for vintage smut, movies where the actors actually have faces, cute faces, and don’t look like something out of The Walking Dead. If you want me I’ll be reviewing Colt Studios 1984 offerings.

Guys who don’t break the mirror:

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. That second guy is a porn star??? How can he be an ANYTHING star? Ugh. (Also, brown wrappers were really never that discrete; everyone knew.)


  2. Pic #2 looks like he should be on a daytime telly programme called “Alabama’s Most Wanted”, on the run for a series of armed robberies at burger bars. Yuk.

    The classic Cadinot and Bel Ami studios always had the most flawless porn boys – while anything from Triga or some low-rent studio in Eastern Europe was/is all spotty bums, grotty sofas and dirty socks, and to be avoided.

    I’ll take “comfy sweater boy” in the last pic, please.



  3. Bo Sinn looks like the kind of guy Boyd McDonald would find hot. I don’t. He looks like a walking Petri dish of various diseases. I may be wrong, he may be a lovely young man, struggling to make his way in a complicated life.


  4. Mr. Sinn and some of your other models highlight another trend among porn stars: They get whatever tattoos are trendy at the momemt. First, something around the bicep. A so-called “tribal” tattoo. A tramp stamp. An illegible phrase. A longer quotation, like half the Book of Genesis. More tattoos and more tattoos. They end up looking like a toilet stall in a truck stop men’s room!


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