In Which We Give Up Breathing

My motto.

My buds over on Chaturbate and I have spent the last few weeks enlivening our evenings watching Mikey whack his big whacker by complaining about our various and sundry allergies. It’s nice to have something to share with your friends.

I’m sure you all know the story: cough, cough, squish, squish, splut, splut. Every few days I think the allergy has given up, the worst is behind me, I have overcome pollen. But then I suddenly realize I have turned back into a walking puddle with every orifice dripping. Every orifice in my head, I mean

I never had any allergy problems until I crossed the dread 50-year-old threshold. Suddenly I was attacked by every pollen particle in the Bay Area. Each spring, I am waylaid by hay fever, or, has Eva Gabor in Green Acres put it, “I get allergic smelling hay.”

This snot season hasn’t been particularly bad, but it has dragged on a hell of a long time, appropriate for a year that has lasted several decades. I deal with it by popping antihistamines on the regular. I’m not ashamed that my youth was enhanced by any number of controlled substances; it’s just lowering now to have my drug of choice be Benadryl.

Men to take your limited breath away:

Oh my

Commenting on the last post, Monsieur DeVice mentioned how fond he is of freckles.

Today’s butt is brought to you by the color red.

I’ve decided to stop worrying about PhotoShop and regard it simply as a fantasy enhancer.

See? Fantasy enhanced.

I think this might be au natural rather than PhotoShopped. Discuss among yourselves.

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  1. Pollen doesn’t bother me, but I am allergic to rodents! Guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, squirrels, gerbils, chipmunks — they’re cute AF, but I’ll develop sneezing fits and asthma if I’m around them too long. The inventor of Allegra should be sainted! (Models # 1, 2, and 6 can apply for sainthood in my boudoir.)


  2. Now that’s a nice freckly arm. Thank you, mrpeenee!

    Hayfever is so annoying and uncomfortable – I hope the season for whatever pollen is affecting you is over quickly. I used to suffer quite a lot, but as I get older, I’m affected less and less.


  3. I started to use a neti pot 16 years ago everyday. That has cut down on the sneezing. I haven’t had a sinus infection since I started to use the neti pot. It sort of like water boarding oneself daily. Also reminiscent of diving into the ocean and getting a snout full of seawater.

    Anything that hasn’t moved outside has a coating of yellow on it from all the pollen. Most of the trees have finished flowering. The only one to go is the ailanthus tree. That is a killer.


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