In Which We Are Conditioned


Woo hoo, I bought an air conditioner, the kind that just sits in the middle of the room like a dorky guest and not the kind of hangs out the window like god intended. It may not seem like a radical step, but San Francisco exists in a temperature bubble of rarely lower than 50° or higher than 75° (10° and 23° for the celsius-minded among us) so conditioned air is just not a necessity for us. R Man and I had lived here several months before I looked around the apartment and demanded, suspiciously, “Where’s the air conditioner?” There wasn’t one and the possibility of living without it verged on insanity to my little Gulf Coast bred mind.

But…. But the last couple of years, September, the time of San Francisco’s true summer, rolled around with temperatures in the 90s and sometimes even over a hundred. Everyone in town was sweaty and outraged. I decided then that returning to the air conditioned habits of my youth was just something I needed to resign myself to.

So now I have an air conditioner, I just need to figure out where to put it. The only problem with living a well-appointed life like mine, is that when I get a new addition, such as an air conditioner that’s about as big as a large-ish laundry hamper, I have to make room for it by jettisoning something else. In this case, I’m getting rid of two wicker trunks full of photographs.

Because I want to keep some record of the happy life I lived with R MAN, I’m editing them down based on the criteria that if the picture doesn’t have anyone in it, it’s gone, outta here. I’ve barely scratched the surface and already have a huge pile to throw away and a very small pile to keep. A trip to Paris, friends from New Orleans visiting, our first apartment in San Francisco; so many pictures, so few good ones.

Picturesque guys:

Daddy, cause isn’t Father’s Day coming up soon?

The guy who causes all that hubbub down at the gym showers.

I do hope he’s happy being a bottom.

She works hard for the money.

Meanwhile, back at the gym.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I’m too much of a hoarder to throw away photographic souvenirs! Can you not get them scanned/hire a scanner, so you can keep hold of the digital memories should you ever need them?

    As for air conditioning, it’s an alien concept here in the UK except in offices and shops. Jx


  2. When you popped up in my blog list I thought you were talking about hair conditioners!

    I haven’t been blessed with air conditioning, I have a hair dryer I could set it to cool if need be.

    Back to pictures.


  3. I don’t use air conditioning. Really don’t like it. Makes me feel claustrophobic. Drink lots of ice water with fans going instead.

    With your windows, that I don’t imagine open, and no shades it would get hot in there.


  4. Air conditioning is a MUST here in the midwest. Even the snow plows have air conditioning! As for the wicker trunks, just stack them in a corner, throw a tablecloth over them, then decorate them with a table lamp and some objets d’art. (Leave room for the evil and adorable one, so he can pounce on unwary visitors.)


  5. Last week, we had three days in a row where the temps were 104F (40C). Less than two weeks before that, we had frost. We have to be prepared for anything around here, therefore, a good furnace and a good air condtioner are necessary.


  6. That Daddy is VERY hot! You can tell because the heat has made him lift his shirt (yum!) and shave/clipper his legs, but why hasn’t he got around to trimming down/getting rid of that sinister beard? Perhaps he needs to invest in an air conditioner, too?


  7. Me thinks you need to put that old KOOL cigarettes decal that was found on store front doors. The cute little penguin accompanied by the words, “Come on in, it’s KOOL inside.”

    Cause it is.


  8. Going through old photos and ditching a lot of them is something I keep meaning to do. Maybe I’ll be inspired by you. And hooray for AC!!!


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