In Which We Are Sad


Well. Well well. Saki has cancer. He’s had a bad cough for the last month, but I convinced myself it was allergies, god knows everybody else has them. Lately though, he is lost a tremendous amount of weight and had become withdrawn and lethargic. Finally, last week he stopped eating altogether, so I surrendered and took him to the vet.

Tests, x-rays, antibiotics; she called yesterday with the bad news. When I took him in, I told her I was not interested in any treatments if it turned out to be cancer. I know my decision was very strongly colored by my experience going through treatments like that with R Man the two times he had cancer. Seeing how miserable he was then was bad enough.

Also, years ago, in regard to our last cat, the very beloved and saintly Maggie, R Man and I had agreed aggressive or extreme medical treatments on an animal is frequently unwarranted. Saki would have no idea why I suddenly decided to start torturing him on the regular or why he felt so wretched. I have the ability to protect him from that, so I will. Saki has had feline leukemia for as long as we’ve had him, so with his immune system weakened by that, I’m not even sure he would survive the treatments.

The vet offered surgery to see just what kind of cancer it was, but that’s only important for determining what treatment to use against it. Since I’m not going down that road, I decided to spare him at least the stress and discomfort of the surgery. As the vet said, we’re in hospice care now.

I guess the only bright spot around here these days is the antibiotics have been really successful already. He’s perked up and is actually eating, which is encouraging. I’m mostly just carrying him around while I rub his face, which is his favorite thing next to sleeping in the sun and we have plenty of that. So he’s happy and I’m resigned. One day at a time, that’s all you get.

Naked guys, even in the most difficult times, they’re there for you.

Beautifully hairy

I incorrectly claimed last Sunday was Gay Pride; it’s actually June 27. Our apologies.

What would June be without the serendipitous collision of Gay Pride and Father’s Day?

Dreamboat Eric Rio, a long time favorite here at mrpeenee, Inc.

Insert stupid “hard at work” joke here.

Insert stupid “to boldly go where no man has gone before” joke here.

Gay Pride of course requires the obligatory Village People YMCA salute.

One last daddy for the road.

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A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I’m so, so very sorry. I’ll be coming up on the one year anniversary of losing my Dina. She died on her 12th birthday. Now I’m crying. She was my heart and yes, I know I’m a fool.

    It’s so awful saying goodbye. 💜


    • Oh honey I’m so sorry, I didn’t even know about Dina. I think this is just part of the contract of living with pets; you know going into it that you will almost certainly outlive them, you simply have to accept that along as payment for the good times.

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  2. Like Norma said…it is awful saying goodbye. It never gets easier. But at least you are giving him some comfort and happy time in his twilight…which is how I would hope to go. He’s in a loving place and he knows it.


  3. Sorry to hear. Think you decision is correct. I had three cats at once. They died a few years apart. The first one died of cardiomyopathy, the second diabetes, the third intestinal cancer. The last one died 32 years ago. Never got another pet. Didn’t want to to through that again.


  4. I have been following your blog for many hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking years. Your descriptions of life with Sake have been most entertaining and I’m sorry to hear that he is so ill. Keep him comfortable. You are doing the best thing.


  5. I’ve been a fan of Saki for as long as I can remember coming here. I recall a photo you posted back in 2009 on your old blog of R Man with Saki. They were resting together. Saki had just been through surgery to remove a little plastic nub that he swallowed. Your two guys looked so sweet together.

    Having loved and lost my own wonderful cats, I feel for you. Saki is loved and he knows it. He is in a good and loving place with you. Long live his spirit.


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