In Which We Say Goodbye to a Dear Little Buddy


There’s nothing as satisfying as the weight of a cat curled up on your lap while you sit reading Barbara Pym for the bazillionth time. It’s just the right amount and it emphasizes how cozy the moment is in a cold, hard world.

I was thinking about that yesterday afternoon. Saki was settled in my lap on top of the blanket he claimed years ago. It was a position he and I perfected long before all the odd times of the last decade. The very sweet vet who had come over to my place gave him three injections, 10 minutes apart (morphine, valium, and ketamine, I thought about asking for some of that good stuff, but I was distracted) and Saki got loaded, fell asleep, and just drifted off. That’s how I want to go.

I was very sad that day, but actually, the hardest part was resigning myself to it and then scheduling the euthanasia. Just saying the words on the phone to the receptionist was almost impossible. But he had stopped eating 4 weeks ago. It became obvious the choice was putting him to sleep or watching him starve to death.

Even now I expect to see him somewhere, like he’s been taking one of his naps and wandered back in to see what I was doing. I’ll see something out of the corner of my eye and for second think that it’s him.

Anyway. This end, regardless of how easy or painful it is, is always obvious in the beginning when you take on a pet. The chances of outliving them are very small and you have to know that this is coming. So let’s all take a moment to remember all the ridiculous cats and dogs that have been in our lives and made them better for the time they shared with us.

You Google the phrase “naked guy with cat” and you get some pretty amazing results. To wit:

I know, not naked, but too cute to ignore.

Hard to believe, but the kitten is even cuter than the lanky, doe-eyed beauty

If you haven’t done this with your cat, are you really trying?

“put me down RIGHT THIS MINUTE, or you’ll be sorry”

Not one, but TWO oozy woozums.

I know, not naked again, but the cat is Saki’s double.

Can you pick out the kitten?

Surely if your Grindr profile just read “I have glasses and a cat,” the internet would melt.

Oh, keeses. Many, many keeses.

I think anyone who’s ever lived with a cat recognizes this classic pose of a squirming cat in one hand and something you don’t want to spill in the other and know that tragedy is eminent.

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see this man naked. The I’m including the picture is the story that went with it which was about a cop who rescued a kitten, much adorbs, and which described said cop as 28 years old. Not to be bitchy, for once, but does this guy look 28? Is that in dog years?

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  1. My deepest condolences, Mr. P. Saki’s antics kept you on your toes and kept the rest of us entertained. May he rest in peace. He can never be replaced but, if & when the time is right, I hope another evil and adorable one decides to adopt you. (Besides, your carpets look great with some artfully-placed hairballs!)


  2. My heart goes out to you, Peenee. And you’re right. There really is nothing as satisfying as the weight of a cat curled up on your lap while you sit reading Barbara Pym for the bazillionth time.

    I made a little shrine for my cat with photos of him, and a couple of his fave toys. It helps me, a little, to cope with the loss. It’s comforting. And yes, I still talk to him everyday.

    Thank you for letting us all enjoy photos and stories over the years of the magnificent Saki.


  3. Sorry to hear. He went out blissed out. We should all be so lucky.

    After my last cat died thirty years ago I decided to never put myself through that again. Three times was enough. Now I have strays wander into and out of the garden. One who waits for me to put the canned food out in the morning.

    I also planted catnip I can see from the kitchen window. Put an old metal milk crate over it to give the plants a chance to grow. They get on top of the milk crate and roll around. Should I go into the garden they don’t bolt as they usually do but keep an eye on me. I don’t want to harsh their buzz.


  4. Oh no, Mr Peenee. I’m so sorry. “Just saying the words on the phone” makes the situation real in my experience, and I got a lump in my throat in sympathy when reading it.
    Wherever Saki is now, I’m sure he’s given whoever’s in charge a scathing, withering look and is now ignoring them.


  5. I’m so sorry to learn of your loss. It’s horrible that our furry friends leave us alone and heartbroken. It brought back memories of when I had to do the same for my companions. Take care.


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